Dirty Air SMOG ( actual Carbon) Cross
as distinct from CO2 NOT a Pollutant AT ALL!

> C Clean it Up ! > significant Global Warming & Health Problems (Web)
London did since 1950s re coal ban
Now India & SE Asia > “cow dung” Energy

BUT THE “consensus” seems to be saying “human CO2” is different to the  “Natural” in the Atmosphere
re 1/2 lives etc  but even the C14  (isotope ) is chemically
 the same as natural C12

huh ! U R Joking ! smiley-grump!

Climate BOOKS > ON-line

Unsettled” : What Climate Science Tells Us What It Doesn’t 320p 2021 Book PDF(complete)

Unsettled - Koonin

Judith Curry “Climate Uncertainty & Risks” Abstract 4p PDF
Rethinking Our Response ( to the Environment and Sustainability Initiative ! )
Her Website > Very comprehensive
All aspects of ClimateChange
PDF Inc feedbacks > v. interesting !

JudithCurry Uncertainty-Risks Book

NASA `> 30+years
The Great Global Warming BLUNDER Book 2011 63p PDF Roy Spencer Webdite

Roy Spencer Website

RoySpencer IPPC Bunder RSB-A

Do clouds warm or cool the climate ?
- B.Geerts Apr 2002 2p PDF


 Steamy Relationships: How Atmospheric Water Vapor Amplifies Earth's Greenhouse Effect

ASK NASA ! CLIMATE | February 8, 2022, 07:55 PSTPDF

Belatedly IPPC Might consider water
& Clouds > Global Warming

& It IS Complex ! > just to fill in “gaps” . . . ”in their “modelling

Steve Goreham : THe Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climaticism Tick Mad Climate
More Abstract Txt
Abstract 34 / 274 PDF
> inc copious other Refs

Goreham Madx3 ClimateChange

Computer Modelling re Climate Video
Koonin “ The Challenges and Realities of Climate Modeling with Steven Koonin | Policy Stories “

garbage IN >
more Garbage OUT !

FredSinger “Hot Talk, Cold Science” Global Warming Unfinished Debate 3rdEd 256p
Abstract 9p PDF

FredSinger Hot Talk Cold Science-2021
Climate Videos2023-1

WE put these links here > available of course from a U-Tube > Google Search                                                                                         DO-It !
> relevant keywords

Just to save you the Trouble !

But Just > an Introduction to something U probably would even read
AT least U will know I  HAVE
but selective ?
Why would ANYONE Commit to wasting $trillions of $$ on sheer contrive > speculation


even thou’ 1000s of links NOT necessarily by That 100% Consensus ! . . .  to the contarary just for a bit of “balance” !


my “ Vested”  Interests !

in All THIS !

> Nil ! > ZERO !

maybe you might just give Us a bit of
 “high tech” credence > credulence ?
> some ChromTecH” business maybe ?

but signs are WE Also RISK The possibility
of being CANCELLED
> by THE “hypocrits” ! >Twitter “MOB” !

CT > REPORTS MiscDATA re ClimateChange

indirect links to U-tube VIDEOS


World Resources Institute Website World Resources Institute Webdite

Most Interesting “proActive” WW PROJECTS

a far better
re-incarnnation of GreenPeace w/out the fanatacism > ’ratbag/’ element

United Nations What Is Climate Change
United Nations un_sgs_acceleration_agenda2023A 2p PDF
Top Findings from the IPCC Climate Change Report 2023 _ World Resources Institute-Draft.9p pdf

Seven things you need to know about State of the Climate 2022-CSIRO

Patrick Moore(exGreenpeace  Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom." Ad > PDF Book
John Christie > Dan Britt-Orbits 7 Climate Change 2012.txt

\Milankovitch Cycles ( generally considered “long term” & discredited till the
mid-1900s by the “experts” ) > Similarly James Croll “Astronomical Theory of Climate Change” ( climate vs NASA Doubts > as Only long term effects on Climate was assumed  ?
.>A possible interrelation between “Earth rotation and climatic variability at decadal time-scale” 1-s2.0-S1674984716300349-main 7p.PDF
> admittedly > Uncertainty how these “wobbles” interact with heat transfer from Earths “core” and surface / sea Temp > the possible “Cause &  Effect” via “probable(?) convection of “fluidic plasma”  (but massive undersea Volcanoes are well-known  ( geysers !  in fact 3000m mid Atlantic) but also probably cause PDO and the Ninjas !)
re Endersbee hypotheses’

Peter L Ward
“Sulfur dioxide initiates global climate change in four ways”
- ScienceDirect-2023-9 Abstract PDF

NASA “ Earths Flip Flop : Why Variations in Earth's Magnetic Field Aren't Causing Today's Climate Change > over geological time . . but ???
& an obvious response to major “popular” recent speculation ???

\but plasma convectional circulation of  massive “internal” heat
\> volcanoes more specifically
c’mon U Computer Modelers . . . speculate on that re ‘Global WarminG !
Even this eems to be considering magnetic shielding Earth from Cosmic Ray

BUT the Mantle is also a massive convection circulation of heat > surely this is also effected by planetary gravitation  inc the Moon and partly concordance with Milankovitch Cylcles but more subtly comet/asteroid “shorter term”? by-pass effects ? my postulation hopeless to try and model

Lance Endersbee “ VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY “ just might “spread some light“ into that unknown BUT All THATs’s more “Geology” for
U pseudo climatologists
Ed 1969 > even b 4 Al Gore et al
> ONLY his a “prognosis” !
PDF published elsewhere on this Site !
Txt Abstract

a Voyage of Discovery -LE

> Otherwise > You Are literally playing “KING Canute” games costing $Trillions !
NOT To U . . . but US taxpayers Under false pretences
BUT I AM NOT DOGMATIC and to listen > to argue but even then REFUSE TO ADMIT ANYTHING IS SETTLED . . / “


NOR CANCEL Scientists who profer to look at
“for / against” DATA

Certainly NOT Scientific

but political > “money grubbing” > Religious !

UN ! / IPPC > “pull U R Head-in”
continue to get the necessary
on-going “real” data for proof ! before U panic !
Prove Anthropogenic CO2 is the MAIN
or even a SIGNIFICANT Factor

3 Years of COVID19 WW “Downturn” might be worthy of
more DETAIL Analysis !

put that to “YOUR” “Consensus” BIAS ! 4 more R&D ?

Get them to actually read THE Books & Papers On “IT”!

Climate Change > THE Truth ? > The Facts ???

The Contrary : McKitrick

“Putting the 'con' in consensus; Not only is there no 97 per cent consensus among climate scientists, many misunderstand core issues”
PDF pdfre Consensus AGAINST\
like “ Asking for “agreement” put to a “PEER Review” excluding ALL “deniers ! > really absurd ???OR THE Voice Referendum

The 99.9% “Consensus” > a Circular Argument ?

More than 99.9% of studies agree: Humans caused climate change
Cross PDF   pd fre Consensus FOR ???

Having a debate where BOTH Parties actually “Agree”!

to vote in  without giving details or vague open-ended proposition < unknown possible consequences > Apartheid is the extreme !

Science is NOT determined / finalised
EVER but subject to rational revision based on real DATA NOT necessarily just “PEER Reviewed” Cross  (biased by definition ! ?. . . if by acadenics  )

seek to prove / disprove or a better “Cause& Effect” based on DATA from ever improving “methodology” without bias or preconceptions > “dogma” !


Climate Books

The “Con-sensus”?

GW Effects

The Heartland
Inst.  (W.Soon)

Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric CO2-WillieSOON 1998 review PDF

WillieSoon EnviroEffectsCO2

Willie Soon Easily Debunks Climate Change Propaganda

Video SOON Sun-Climate www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ma4aSFlF_Q

Studying the Role of the Sun on Climate
- Willie Soon

Video SOON Sun-Climate 2022 30mins- Heartland Institute 13,242 views May 7, 2022
Willie Soon, astrophysicist and aerospace engineer takes the stage at the 14th International Conference on Climate Change to discuss the role of the sun on climate change.

-SOON a pdf review

Environmenental Effects of Increase Atmospheric CO2 PDF

CO2-induced global warming: a skeptic’s view of potential climate change Web PDF 
(~1998 & B 4 Climate Change of Gore & ICPP )

a bit more speculative > R&D Require suggestin cloud feeback will minimise Warming for doubling CO2 300ppM to 600ppM from a posible few degC to ~0.2C > actual PDF ( image Only see Original Web PDF for Links) subject to being Cancelled by ( GW “Narks” )

Heartland Institute
some Videos Video>Heartland Institute Suite

Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming - The Heartland Institute
Video>Heartland Institute Suite 2016 77mins J:oseph Blast (Pres H-I)

Heartland's Climate Issue suite

“Long- & Short-Term Effects of “Possible” Global Warming”
 - Seattle
20p PDF
Presented “here” > irrespective of Global Warming real or exaggerated
OR just marginal ? . . . but as consequences of ignoring
Environmental  “mismanagement ”generally ! > and the need to Be-A-Ware !”
often requiring remediation and adaption IF / As necessary !

(18) Is there just too little CO2 to matter for climate change_30July23 10p PDF

via QORA(On-line)“Anonomous > Interesting ? “Skeptic”
but obviously NOT from
THE 99% Consensus

Coral Bleaching !

 +1.0degC Rise Causes
Bleaching of Coral

moreQ&A’s ?

NOW IF U R U till Having
Any Doubts !
Forget the “CONSENSUS”

IS IT ALL Worth Trillions of $’’s
to World’s Economies

many UNKNOWNS Still !

More R&D IS Required !

Heartland Institute   Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming

Video>Heartland Institute Suite 2016 77mins J:oseph Blast ( President )

more Videos Video>Heartland Institute Suite 2021 30mins Willie Soon

NIPPC Vs IPCC Report-1

NIPCC report 2011-24p

> Convincing Data Evidence IPPC >  A ‘Scam” at best “fudged” Data ( EastAnglia “ClimateGate” / Mann HockeyStick and a wild exaggeration !

“Climate Change Reconsidered 11
- Fossil Fuels” 2019 782p NIPPC
Heartland Institute
FlipHTML5 FLIP-HTML5 re ClimateCange Reconsidered 11
( & copywrite )
ClimateChange Reconsidered 11 - Fossil Fuels1 TOC pdf ClimateChange Recnsidered 11 -FossiFuels 33mB(Slow)

  ClimateChange Reconsidered 11 - Fossil Fuels

“Climate Change Reconsidered 11
Biological Impacts”
2014 1078p NIPPC
Heartland Institute
FlipHTML5 FLIP-HTML5 re ClimateCange Reconsidered 11
CC11-Biological Impacts-TOC pdf ClimateChange Recnsidered 11 -Biological ImpactsFossiFuels


Climate Change Reconsidered 11
 - Physical Science” 2013 1005p
A “Complete rebuttal”  > of THE IPPC >
& THE Al Gore

 - FlipHTML5  FLIP-HTML5 re ClimateCange Reconsidered 11 > Contents  ClimateChange-Reconsidered 11 TOC-1
 PDF 1005p pdf re ClimateCange Reconsidered 11 Physical

CCR11-Physical Science-1
Idso-Carter-Singer-Soon-Spencer : Heartland Institute

10 Big Findings from the 2023 IPCC Report on Climate Change /(GW) PDF pdf re IPPC Findings

CC significantly downgraded from previous GW  > .IPPC Reports
from 2005+
a concession of some extreme projections promulgated by Al Gore Tim Flannery etc
“Consensus” “vague” > Do You believe in Global Warming or similar such “nonsense” “Anthropogenic
CO2 ( “main”) cause of GW ?

What Is Climate Change? | United Nations PDF pdf re ClimateCange UN

State of the Climate 2022 – Australia continues to warm; heavy rainfall becomes more intense - CSIRO-2022 PDF pdf re ClimateCange CSIRO

How do human CO2 emissions compare to natural CO2 emissions? PDF

United Nations un_sgs_acceleration_agenda2023 PDF pdf re ClimateChange SGS UN

IPCC 2014 PartA WGIIAR5-PartA_FINAL-1150p  pdf re ClimateChange IPPV 2014SGS UN PDF  :FlipTML5 IPPC 2014 FlipHTML5

Do clouds warm or cool the climate? PDF 2p

Effects of contrails and ship tracks on climate PDF
private jets  emit 10 to 20 times as much carbon pollution as commercial passenger
TOTAL Air Travel 1bill tonnes pa CO2
vs 43billion Total by humans
7800bill CO2 Total >~ 0.6% anthropogenic WIKI

a “contra” Effect probably >small cooling  re increase “albedo” ??? but its’ CO2 warming ? (+/- ?)
similar to other “crazy” ideas of “seeding” millions of tonnes of SO2
( causes “acid rain” Cross )
Covid19 > enhance warming ?
) Cross
via far less Air Travel !

CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
Chromatography Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR !
All Your Laboratory Needs

- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA



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