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CT-About Us

CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

Goole this CHROMTECH website
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Chromtech Returned Goods Authorisation Policy PDF

Simple > Chromtech MISTAKE
- send details >PO#, our Invoice# > verify the actual item required
- on Our Verification we send your a Return Authorisation No (RAN)
- send back to us via Courier / REGISTERED AUSTRALIA POST where applicable/justified
- Freight and responsibility is YOURS

YOUR (Customer ) MISTAKE
as above
- a re-stocking fee or 20% on Item Invoice value applies
- NO Refunds Apply - we replace with corect item ( extra cost added ?) or offer an Alternative
- FIRST You must PAY the original Invoice Amount and we re-Invoice the Difference ( if Any! )

> detail >

Conditions Apply

  • Goods purchased via Company Purchase Order ( by PayPAL / CC )
  • PAID for under Terms but by agreement
  • Via a refund ONLY or replacement with Alternative /equivalent goods
  • Must NOT be USED, in original condition, undamaged packaging
  • - Returns accepted by written approval ( e-mail ), a RAN is required from Chromtech
  • - Return Shipment via Courier ( or Registered POST) at Customers Risk and responsibility / plus Freight Cost
  • a 20% “re-stocking fee” will apply to imported goods IF at Customers mistakes

DISCLAIMER ( > general )

  • Chromtech offers general consultative advice at No Charge as to suitability of the items intended use.
  • Every endeavour is made by Chromtech to address Any issues regarding the potential€¯ use of the item AND prior to your Purchase.
  • Any deviation OR extrapolation > NO CLAIM ! or liability as a consequence or misuse outside of OEMs product specification ia accepted by Chromtech.

    NOT Covered
  • Customers choice to finalise a Purchase Order defines the Liability Any extrapolation to extended uses.
  • where insufficient details or goods used outside of respective OEMs specifications or use incorrectly illegally.
  • Customer must use all due diligence in interpreting any Chromtech pro-ferred assistance

Chromtech can NOT be expected to cover high tech aspects of any associated misuse or consequential damage to custom made of other 3rd Party equipment commercial or otherwise.

  • If insufficient details, Application information is NOT provide by the Customer as to the implementation of the items for Any end Use or for any resulting consequences.

Any correspondence on these issues must be in writing to the “author”€¯ of this e-mail and from the relevant, authorised, recognised, technical customer contact and NOT your Company Admin or “bureaucrats”€¯ or anyone with NO COMPREHENSION of ANYTHING Technical

If deemed by Chromtech to be erroneous in any way, misleading,€¯ “badly”€¯ interpreted,
out of context€¯ > risks Your CLAIM being ignored !

  • Non Payment of INVOICE > NO Action !
  • Our Refund ONLY on justification and Your follow-up substantiation ! . . . of YOUR Problem !

Warranty Claims

  • Limited to those of our OEM Suppliers
  • Any returns, issues must be via Chromalytic not DIRECT TO OUR respective SUPPLIERS
  • Any Claims/ returns etc must be made direct to Chromtech for Authorisation
    and NOT via Our OEM Suppliers

    Last resort TALK TO US !
    OR Call 03 9762 2034 for further assistance

    Chromtech will address any problems / and attempt to rectify Any issues hopefully in advance with customers co-operation
    . . . No promises ! . . . If out of (Our) control

But we Do attempt to provide answers€¯ to the best of our ability

It is Not a perfect World and we are at the limitations of (most) others
OR try and cover up Or compensate . . . for “Others”€¯ mistakes.

extract add-on to Our >
Trading Terms

Best Regards
. . . All in Good Faith ! . . . without prejudice !
Jim Jeffs / Manager

Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd
( = Chromtech > about us )
PO Box 435, 232 Forest Rd
Boronia Vic 3155 Australia

Tel : +61-3-9762-2034

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Freight Charges-m5
Trading Terms-m5
SRI GCs-m5
RESTEK Chromatography
NEW ERA Syringe Pumps
Membrane Solutions-m5
DET TID GC Detectors-m5
PlasmaTek-Gas Analysis-m5
GC Columns-m5
Packed GC Columns
Chiral HPLC Columns
HPLC Columns-m5
LC Columns-m5
HPLC Accessories-m5
Pharma Vial Products
Instrumentation Valves-m5
PeakSimple DataSystem
Chromatography Tubing-m5
Chromatography Fittings-m5
Vials-Syringes 10-m5
Glass Vials-Bottles-m5
MS Sample Vials
Syringe Pumps-m5
Instrumentation Valves-m5
Filtration Accessories-m5
Fluid Transfer-m5
CHEMICAL Standards
HPLC Detector Lamps 09-m5
Air Monitoring-m5
Gas Systems
Sample Prep-m5
Filtration Products
Q-SEP Quechers
MS-Syringe Filters
Membrane Filters
LITERATURE - Technical
ADVantage News-m5
Technical Notes
MRC LAB Products
AELabs-Lab Equipment-m5

but many more thru’
Our SHOP(s)

 just a few >from 1000’s
from ”itsy bitsy” pieces to . . .
 lab equipment /instrumentation
 if we haven’t got it listed  ?
we’ll try & get it !

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Restek Important Notice !
& Until Further Notice

Supplies from Restek ?
R On Hold as of 2020

some items from Chromalytic
 are still in stock or May still be available ENQUIRE !

2020 March
> OUR Website(s) are being modified ACCORDINGLY 1

MUCH of OUR Restek Literature is being “archived”€¯
but still may be available for 
Technical Reference  purposes ONLY > OFF-Line

  ASK !

We reserve the right to Offer Alternative Products !