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Chromatography Sample Vials - SHOP

AutoSampler : ScrewCap & CrimpTop

Screw Cap Vials
2ml 9x425 Screw 12x32mm
LBSV002C : 2ml Clear vial, 9-425 screw top; NoGrads
: 2ml Amber
vial, 9-425 screw top; NoGrads
ScrewCaps 9mm + RedPTFEWhiteSilicone
LBSV102CSS RedPTFE/white silicone septa+Blue screw cap withhole,for 2ml 9-425 screw top vial
LBSV022C : 2ml Clear vial, 9-425 screw top, graduated with writing area
Screw Cap Vials
2ml 8x425 Screw 12x32mm
LBSV012C : 2ml Clear vial, 8-425 screw top; NoGrads
: 2ml Amber vial, 8-425 screw top; NoGrad
LBSV012CSS RedPTFE/white silicone septa+Blue screw cap withhole,for 2ml 8-425 screw top vial
LBSV032C : 2ml Clear vial, 8-425 screw top, graduated, writing area

4ml 13-425 : 15x45mm, Screw Cap,( Restek 24654),
CTV0501100 : 4ml 13-425,15x425mm, Clear, ScrerwCap Vials; GradSpots
CTV0503100 4ml 13-425, 15x45mm, Amber,Screw Cap Vials; GradSpots
CTV0513100 :Open top ScrewCaps,,Black,for 13-425 Screw Vials
CTV0521100 : Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone,12mm for 13-425 Caps  ,0.060″ thick
V0512100 ; 13-425 Screw Cap Vials, Solid White Cap, PP Septa

VOA Vials


also available deactivated
Certified Clean VOA Vials for Headspace GC
Container, liner, and closure cleaned and assembled.
Clear or amber.
Open top caps.
Teflon® faced 0.125" silicone septa.
Each case lot numbered.

21798 20ml Clear 24/400 72-pk
21799 20ml Amber 24/400 72-kp
21796 40ml Clear 24/400 72-pk
21797 40ml Amber 24/400 72-pk
26121 60ml Clear 24/400 72-pk
26122 60ml Amber 24/400 72-p
24694 Repl Septa for VOA Vial 24/400 100-pk
V1031100 ALT Caps+Septa
V1012100 WhiteCaps 24/400, OpenHole


 Crimp Cap Vials
2ml 12x32mm, 11mm
: 2ml Clear vial, 11mm Crimp top; NoGrads
LBSV042A : 2ml Amber vial, 11mmCrimp top; NoGrads
LBSV122CRS RedPTFE/white silicone septa+Aluminium cap, for 2ml crimp top vial11mm HandCrimper

see also BenchPress; Air Crimper/Decappers
Electronic 11mm Crimper Shop

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