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Specialists in Chromatography-Fluid Transfer Products:
& 4 All Your Laboratory Needs ! - Importers & Distributors

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basically ALL our HTM pages are an
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MobileA8.htm (home) > DIR a-z mobile.htm  ( > body_”page”.htm )

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Chromtechs’ Chromatography & Fluid Transfer Products Analytical Chemistry Products, Laboratory Equipment, Instrumentation > WebSITE 2019 >


new2016plusShop   > more complete ?
>10,000 items but prices Now de-listed !
but ASK! . . . as U’ll need to register first !


Number-1 “intro” to our “main” SHOPPE Site ? 
our -Site Mobile Mini is but a condensed version . .
re mobile phones Apple PCs etc . > MAL’s Cart
Now! with access to “some” “current” Prices
. . . “in sync” with our DB / Accounts System



Chrom-Vials : Pharm Accessories : GC Columns : Chrom - Tubing : Ferrules : Filtration : FittingsCart Slide Show

2018 > Our Complete SHOP Cart ( with All up-to--date Prices has been taken “off-line” due to mis-use by some “competitors” etc . . . >
ASK for a Confirmation QUOTE !
access is restricted to ”fair dinkum” Account Customers ONLY & at Our discretion !
Partial PriceLists available “here” and with our newer SHOP versions ( Shop2CT and QuickShop )

Number-2> Back to our FLIP CART & current AUD Pricing
but ANY flipCart - addng” /index.php” to our main Supplier Catalog URLs opens ALL Cats  BUT Only IF/WHEN you know what you are looking for!
First . . SEARCH  for “CatNo” in FLIP Text
 . . .  then re-type this into [CatNo] SEARCH BOX] > “ShopCart Input form” > PayPAL for CC paymentis sent to you automatically by PP, Bank Transfer options. OR  to create just a Shopping List  ie without your CC Card details)

YOUR FlipCART stays “LIVE”
albeit NOT without compromises. . .
 And NOT indefinitely !
> unlimited No of items
- but YOU must Edit QTY, UPDATE
& check options
see PDF CAT “demo” page-by-page
 MALs>PP Invoice

Number-3Mal’s Cart> Mobile & SHOPPE Cart PRICE POLICY >2015
Our On-line Buy Prices are based on Suppliers USD Prices . . . Exchange Rate(XR) changes are inevitable

Import Freight charges also apply to everyone ( exhorbitanT)

No wonder “naive” Users wonder why our Prices (AUD) are NOT the same as On-line Prices > inevitably in USD / & No freight.
so Buyers’s Beware of other local Price Quotes
Too many “pirates” out there !. . .

Even Banks /politically / economically motivated ??? and definitely Not working in your interests ( they (think) they are just to BIG to fail )

SO ! . . . as a temporary compromise
Our Base Exchange Rate is arbitrarily set at AUD/USD=0.73 (Mar2014) and an existing nominal/approx
XR is listed/posted regularly(if different) in our Mobile SHOPPE
1   SHOPPE Prices at Quotation / Shipment Confirmation Date will be calculated to that Current rate XRcurr
The Initial PayPAL Invoice PPINV1 is at XR=0.73 to initiate our ordering process, via the up-front PayPAL payment

2   At Shipping Date we will issue a second Update PayPAL Invoice2 for the difference calculated at the then New XR(curr). Any necessary adjustments due to omissions (Shipping Cost) will be included ( also adjusted where obviously shipment weight is an over-riding factor) not  necessarily correctly adjusted in Mals
WE use an X Factor specified on each Mals Cart Page where appropriate ) this may vay with a Supplier / Item Catagory
Existing Price (in Green) at CXR(curr) is listed for refernce purposes only and your manual recalculation ) ( but NOT yet necessarily Updated in Mals  unless indicated )
Any increase Price adjustment must be PAID before Shipping.
For your INFO we will post a System XR for your manual calculation if required.
 . .  but we reserve the right to recalculate if XRcurr difference is >2% at Shipping Date

3   OR An Account Credit will be issued IF in your favor:  see Typical PayPAL Invoice

( & some comments)  > PDF acrobat-2

 as WE act on a PP copy sent to us. ALL other options Shopping List, Bank Transfer etc
 are strictly manual options U must do.
Any Transaction Number(s) Mals PAID Receipt is a “bug”( U can ignore! )_
otherwise referred to is for our Internal use ONLY

Of course we still advise / confirm Invoice2 adjustment to you manually via e-mail
& your RFQ / Order Confirmations process
If you decline after PP PAID then we will refund your money via PP
 ( less their handling charge ( max ~2% of PP-INV1 )

             Our NEW (2014) MobileSHOPPING Cart (Mal’s) is a condensed version of our “complete” Overall Product List and similar to  this MainSite “proto” Shoppe Cart ( seealso Supplier Product Lists FAST FlipPAGES for detail reference ) - a few 100 of tens of thousands of individual items from more the 10 Regular Supplier and many others

CHROMTECH’s Shop Cart attempts are designed to offer a few easy options to purchase some popular Chromalytic Tech items.more about our proto Shopping Cart

Vials(“pharma”) & Accessories : Vials, Caps, Stoppers for “pharma” use click > To Active Shopping Cart  Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
Qty Discount auto-applied Melb Stock Items ( If NOT then ASK!)

Chromatography Vials To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
Chromatography Columns   To Active Shopping Cart  Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL ASK for Qty Discounts -Melb STOCK Items
Fused Silica from MEGA Columns
Fused Silica and MXT PLOT Columns from Restek
Unique Columns
-   SRI Dual Columns - for Gas Analysis - replacement for CT-1 Alltech column

Chromatography Products : . . .
Chromatography Ferrules  To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL ASK for Qty Discounts
Chromatography Tubing  To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
Chromatography Fittings ( some ValuePlastics) more soon!

Filtration Products To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL ASK for Qty Discounts -Melb STOCK Items

some Featured Products (via FlipPAGEs) click >To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL some 40 items

some Features . . .
Vials Discount off List Price for Qty Orders and TO any Cat# with prefix “CT-” auto applied
Total Net Order Value Min  $50 - 400 Less 15%; $400-$1500 less $20%; >$2500 less 25%
Discount for Multiple Items or Qty Order on some select items or product types
eg FS GC Column (on in-stock item’s), Graphite Ferrules
Shipping: NOT POST !  > Local Courier ONLY :  Averaged out covering 5 Shipping Brackets  approx Only based on Qty of items in the shipment and weight / or volume of each shipment
Sales Tax is automatically added to Australian Orders
Minimum Orders : $50 Net now applied generally.
Export in USD 100.00 per item MINIMUM; a $30 Bank Charge applies

ANY Disputes : reversal of any transaction thru PayPAL will NOT be acceptable to Chromalytic under ANY circumstances
Resolution of any disputes arising from Customer errors will be negotiated directy between Chromalytic & customer
Cancellaton of Orders may incurr a Surcharge to Customers Account (20%) or $50 fee
or  suspension of Trading to any specific customer OR Non Shipping of Goods until dispute is resolved.

GUARANTEE : Any errors arising from the use of this “prototype” Shopping Cart due to s’ware bugs will be fully compensated for . . . but by negotiation !

Use of the Shopping Cart : Customer accepts the obvious limitations of Cart “Features”

ALL Chromtechs SHOPPEs / Cart (inc MALs’ ) items prefixed with “CT-
attract a discount if ordered from these SHOPPEs :
- but may be AUTO-Applied . . . but ASK!

  • Min $50-$399 Nil
  • $400-1500 less 15%
  • 1500-2500 less 20%
    eg Vials & Accessories auto-discounted if CT-xxxx

    Graphite Ferrules  ,. . .
    some in stock Melb items . . .
    FS GC Columns - up to 40% OFF. . . > on NEW But Old in-stock
    but ASK!  for this discount (as above)
    BUT not necessarily applied if ordered via a PO or on-line !
    for PickUp Sales we offer an extra 10% Discount( ie GST Free > avoiding your extra paperwork)  (but still Accountable by us ! )

in ourShopping Cart(s) there is a Customer “Text Box” for editing purposes
 . . .  Use this . .  for
1   ANY special delivery Instructions: “Courier to leave without a signature > in a nominated “SafePlace” ”
2   Where any Options might apply specify any changes here in option box
 eg colors, lengths etc and where obviously prices is the same
. . . Proceed with Order payment and we will adjust shipment accordingly

 the PayPAL Invoice is literal YOU simly DON’T NEED A PP ACCOUNT
Simle use the PP INV link and add your CC details INC Street Delivery Address

Any ommisions / adjustments re freight etc required THEN we send you  a second PayPAL Invoce

Order Processing AND Shipment Only when PP CC Payment has been Confirmed of the corrected TOTAL

but we also supply a Chromalytic Tax Invoice with exact details of the Order /shipment And the Courier Tracking No when known !

Shopping Cart Features
1   CT-prefixed CatNo items attract Vials Discount Structure

Min $50<$400 Nil,
$400-1500, less  15%; $1500-2500 less 20% applied to Shopping Cart automatically
Vials & Accessories
ASK As NOT Automatic
:    Graphite Ferrule
:   :> some  in stock
items . . .
SPECALS NEW Old stock FS GC Columns ASK!
For individual (each) Order Qty’s ASK for Quote by E-mail

2   a Surcharge may apply for repacking service etc
Discount on TOTAL Vial Order will still apply
3   MINIMUM ORDER Value $50.00 Net
4   A Freight Cost is automatically added based on Qty of each item pack size ordered and area being shipped to but
VERY Approx Only
: to be upgraded based on weight of shipment and to Postal Codes if / as necessary



on completion . . .
either options are . . .
> Auto E-mailed’ to us for   verification & processing
 > create  ”a Shopping List”

  • minor adjustments may be necessary
  • We generate the final PayPAL Invoice manually and send it to you
  • On PP Confirmation we send the Payment receipt
  • followed by  shipment
    This is NON cancellable
    via PayPAL
  • Any errors are to adjusted by mutual negotiation
Mals-Help ! Your Last resort ?& No it’s NOT a perfect World !

design > Mals’ CART

-   a more compact
~800x1200px format for mobile phones (for both PC viewing . . .>
 APPLE, Phones -
a compromised design
as they still have  “NO Flash” ???)
-  . . .  prelude to more SHOP details
on our various website(s)

much more detail
 / Sections some
~50 pages
& with Cart Prices
~1000 items
out of ~30,000
-some prices still need adjusting (*)
BUT See  our main
Flip Cart SHOPPE Cart
for comprehensive
& current details/AUD Prices

Confirmation of YOUR ORDER is sent via e-mail . . . AND /SHIPMENT ONLY when we receive your Payment
.Our e-mail Order Confirmation SO-xxxxx for updates delivery times
 . . BUT this is still subject to item availability ex Melbourne AND may requires Import.
We Send you our

Tax Invoice INVOICE-000zzzzz
AFTER Payment and SHIPPING has been completed Imports allow 2- 3 weeks (max);
ANY Imports may require an Import Charge AND a Top-UP PayPAL INVOICE-2 adjustment if / as necessary

MAL’s Cart Step-by-step PDF
Altho’ prices in our FlipCart Site have also been de-listed

Chromalytic Trading Terms

EXT Site HTM Links* - converted > 600px Mobile screen (& rotated A8) > URL/body_”file”.htm

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or as from our Main “EXTended”  PC (1300px) Site* > URL/“file”.htm

FlipHtml5 A-Z
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Products B’Case DIR

Devices DIR


NEW Restek 2015-16
SRI GCs 2015
SRI PeakSimple DataSys

Tubing; Fittings; Ferrules, Valves SerumVials,
Chrom Vials-AutoS H’s

Filtration Products
MicroLIT Dispensers

Flowmeter /Leak Detector

Rxi GC Columns
MXT Columns,
Packed GC

this Website - HTM is designed and best viewed in > ~1300px PC screen size(more detail with some APPLE MAC compatibility
> limited miobile scalability etc; > Android A8 Minimum recommended 600x1200 screen “zoomable” & almost “bearable”

see also Our mobile compatible A400 Site  FlipHTML5 is perfect when “zoomed“ !

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