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CT-About Us

CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & for All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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re Covid-19 Lock-down 2020 > No Problems for Us ! . . . Yet !
? but “Comrade” Dans’ “day” is coming ! ?

MALs Cart
“proto” SHOPPE

 Pharm Accessories Serum Vials, Caps, stoppers :  Chromatography
 GC Columns: Tubing: Ferrules: Filtration: Fittings:
Chrom-Vials > Cart Slides

new2016plusShop   > more complete >10,000 items but prices are Now de-listed !
. . . as an interim with prices in our MALs CART Site
but ASK! . . . U’ll need to register first !

MAL’s Cart Step-by-step PDF

strictly to Chromalytic Trading Terms

Number-1 “intro” to our “main” SHOPPE Site 
our -SiteMobile Mini is but a condensed version -
re mobile phones Apple PCs etc . > MAL’s Cart
Now! with access to “some” “current” Prices
. . . “in sync” with our DB / Accounts System

> MALs Cart

shoppe malscart-m5

ALT > shop2ct-m4

Mals Cart Help

2018 > Our “Complete” SHOP Cart ( with All up-to--date Prices ) has been taken “off-line” due to mis-use by “competitors” etc
. . . > ASK for a Confirmation QUOTE !
access in future may be restricted to ”fair dinkum”
registered Account Customers
 & at Our discretion !
Partial PriceLists
available “here” and with our newer
“ cut-down “ SHOPPE versions
( Shop2CT and QuickShop ) with INDICATIVE Pricing ONLY

[SHOPPE MalsCart-m5]
[Shop GCColumns-m5]
[Shop PLOT]
[Shop MXT]
[Shop ChromTubing-m5]
[Shop Ferrules-m5]
[Shop Filtration-m5]
[Shop Fittings]

Number-2 > Back to our miniSite-CHROMTECH
& some more AUD Pricing )

YOUR CART does stay “LIVE” albeit NOT without compromises. . .but NOT indefinitely ! with Only a limited No of items out of spme 30,00 on our Site(s)
- but YOU must Edit QTY, UPDATE & check options
see PDF CAT “demo” page-by-page
 MALs > PP Invoice > an

   To main FLIP (old) CATALOGs .> a PC Directory
                         but ADD . . . index.php to URL of Main Catalogs for AUD Prices
> Catalog info > ONLY. . .  ASK for Prices !

& more > miniCATALOGs > a PC Directory List


                      plus many other Suppliers . . . ~20-30,000 individual item in Total
                                                   but - ASK for Current Pricing !

Confirmation of YOUR ORDER is sent via e-mail
ONLY when we receive your Payment
.Our e-mail Order Confirmation SO-xxxxx for updates delivery times
 . . BUT this is still subject to item availability ex Melbourne AND may requires Import.
We Send you our
Tax Invoice INVOICE INV-000zzzzz
AFTER Payment and SHIPPING has been completedImports allow 10days to 3 weeks (max);
ANY Imports may require an Import Charge AND a Top-UP PayPAI INVOICE-2
> adjustment if / as necessary !

Number-3 Mal’s Cart > Mobile & SHOPPE Cart PRICE POLICY >2015
On-line Buy Prices are based on . . .
-   Suppliers USD Prices . . .
yearly changes of 5 to 7% are not unusual !
-    Exchange Rate(XR) changes are inevitable ( for us  invariably USD >< AUD ! )

Import Freight charges also apply to everyone ( exhorbitant )

No wonder “naive” Users wonder why our Prices (AUD) are NOT the same as On-line Prices > inevitably in USD / & No freight.
so Buyers’s Beware ! of other local Price Quotes
Too many “pirates” out there !. . .

Even Banks /politically / economically motivated ??? and definitely Not working in your interests ( they (think) they are just to BIG to fail )

SO ! . . . as a temporary compromise
Our Base Exchange Rate is arbitrarily set at AUD/USD=0.73 (Mar2014) and an existing nominal/approx XR is listed/posted regularly(if different) in our Mobile SHOPPE
1   SHOPPE Prices at Quotation / Shipment Confirmation Date will be calculated to that
prevailingt rate XRcurr
The Initial PayPAL Invoice PPINV1 is at XR=0.73 to initiate our ordering process, via the up-front PayPAL payment

but OUR Prices are difficult to maintain keep current 2014 version updated
now > 2020 ( from 2014> ) and spasmodic by us

2   At Shipping Date we will issue a second Update PayPAL Invoice2 for the difference calculated at the then New XR(curr). Any necessary adjustments due to omissions
(Shipping Cost) will be included ( also adjusted where obviously shipment weight is an over-riding factor) not  necessarily correctly adjusted in Mals.
We use an X Factor specified on each Mals Cart Page where appropriate ) and this may vary with different Supplier / Item Categories.
Existing Price (in Green) at XR(curr) is listed for refernce purposes only and your manual recalculation ) ( but NOT yet necessarily Updated in Mals  unless indicated )
Any increase Price adjustment must be PAID before Shipping.
For your INFO we will post a System XR for your manual calculation if required.
 . .  but we reserve the right to recalculate if XRcurr difference is >2% at Shipping Date

3   OR An Account Credit will be issued IF in your favor: 
see Typical PayPAL Invoice( & some comments )  > PDF acrobat-2

 A PAID PayPAL Invoice as WE act on a PP copy sent to us. ALL other options
Shopping List, Bank Transfer etc are strictly manual options U must do.
Any Transaction Number(s) > Mals PAID Receipt is a “bug”( U can ignore! )
. . . otherwise referred to is for our Internal use ONLY

Of course we still advise / confirm Invoice / adjustment you manually via e-mail
& your RFQ / Order Confirmations process
If you decline after PP PAID the we will refund your money via PP
 ( less their handling charge ( max ~2% of PP-INV1 )

far, FAR ! . . . from being SATISFACTORY but trust us have patience !
 eventually we hope to improve your SHOP Cart experience !

             So!  . . . thatr NEW (2014) MobileSHOPPING Cart ( Mal’s ) is a condensed version of our “complete” Overall Product List and similar to  this MainSite “proto” Shoppe Cart
( see also Supplier Product Lists FAST FlipPAGES for detail reference ) - a few 100 of tens of thousands
of individual items from more the 10 Regular Supplier and many others

CHROMTECH’s Shop Cart attempts are designed to offer a few easy options for You
to purchase some popular Chromalytic Tech items.
> more about our proto Shopping Cart

Vials (“pharma”) & Accessories : Vials, Caps, Stoppers - click > To Active Shopping Cart  Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
Discounts are auto-applied Melb ex-stock Items ( If NOT then ASK!)

Chromatography Vials To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
Chromatography Columns   To Active Shopping Cart  Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL ASK for Discounts -Melb ex-STOCK Items
Fused Silica from MEGA Columns
Fused Silica and MXT PLOT Columns from Restek
Unique Columns
-   SRI Dual Columns - for Gas Analysis - replacement for CT-1 Alltech column

Chromatography Products : . . .
Chromatography Ferrules  To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL ASK for Qty Discounts

Chromatography Tubing  To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
Chromatography Fittings ( some ValuePlastics) more soon !

Filtration Products To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL
ASK for Qty Discounts -Melb STOCK Items
some Featured Products (via FlipPAGEs) click >To Active Shopping Cart Now Fully Active CC via PayPAL some 40 items

some More Features . . .
Vials” Discount off Our List Price for Qty Orders and TO
Any Cat#(s) with prefix “CT-” or “SF-”
and this is automatically applied by MAL !

( Total Net Order Value Min  $50 - 400>Nil; $400-$1500 less $15; >$1500 less 20% )
Discount for Multiple Items or Qty Order on some select items or product types
eg Fused Silica  GC Columns ( Restek > ONLY ! ) ( and on”OLD” in-stock item’s ),
 > Graphite Ferrules or Vials & some accessories
: NOT by POST !  > Local Courier ONLY :  Averaged out covering 5 Shipping Brackets  approx Only based on Qty of items in the shipment and weight / or volume of each shipment
Sales Tax is automatically added to Australian Orders
Minimum Orders : $50 Net now applied generally.
Export in USD 100.00 per item MINIMUM; a mandatory $25 Bank Charge applies !

ANY Disputes : reversal of any transaction thru PayPAL will NOT be acceptable to Chromalytic under ANY circumstances !
Resolution of any disputes arising from Customer errors will be negotiated directly between
Chromalytic & customer
Cancellaton of Orders may incurr a Surcharge to Customers Account (20%) or $50 fee
or “suspension of Trading” to any specific customer OR Non Shipping of Goods until dispute is resolved.

GUARANTEE : Any errors arising from the use of this “prototype” Shopping Cart due to s’ware bugs will be fully compensated for . . . but by negotiation ONLY!

Use of the Shopping Cart : Customer accepts the obvious limitations of Cart “Features”

ALL Chromtechs SHOPPEs / Cart (inc MALs’ ) items prefixed with ”CT-”
or “SF-”
attract a discount if ordered from these SHOPPEs :
- but should be AUTO-Applied
Min $50-$399 Nil
$400-1500 less 15%
> $1500 less 20%
eg Vials & Accessories
Graphite Ferrules
auto-discounted if CT-xxxx
some in-stock Melb items . . .
FS GC Columns - up to 40% OFF
. . . > on NEW But Old in-stock
but ASK!  for this discount (as above)
BUT not necessarily applied if ordered
via a PO or On-line !
for PickUp Sales we may offer
an extra 10% Discount
( ie GST Free > perhaps avoiding your extra paperwork )
 (but still Accountable by us ! )

in ourShopping Cart(s) there is a Customer
“Text Box”
for editing purposes
 . . .  Use this . .  for
1   ANY special delivery Instructions: “Courier to leave without a signature > in a nominated “SafePlace” ”
2   Where any Options might apply specify any
changes here in option box
 eg colors, lengths etc and where prices is the same
. . . Proceed with Order payment and we will adjust shipment accordingly

  • the PayPAL Invoice is literal YOU simply DON’T NEED A PP ACCOUNT
    Simle use the PP INV link and add your CC details INC Street Delivery Address
  • Any omissions / adjustments re freight etc required THEN we send you  a second PayPAL Invoce
  • Order Processing AND Shipment Only when PP CC Payment has been Confirmed of the corrected TOTAL
  • but we also supply a Chromalytic Tax Invoice with exact details of the Order /shipment AND the Courier
    Tracking No when known !

design > Mals’ CART

-   a more compact
~650 x 1000px format for mobile phones  AND for both > PC viewing . . .>
except  APPLE, Phones
- a compromised design
as they still have  “NO Flash” ???)
- . . . as a prelude to more SHOP details on our various website(s)

NOW > much more >
detail / Sections &
some ~50 pages ( 2014+ )
& with MALs Cart Prices
~1000 items out of
~30,000 - some prices
still need adjusting (*)
cut down to ~25p
 in the 2020 version

Shopping Cart Features
CT- & SF-prefixed CatNo items attract a
Discount Structure >

Min $50<$400 Nil,
$400-1500, less  15%;
> $1500 less 20% and applied to MALs Cart automatically
eg Vials & Accessories
Our Graphite Ferrules
& some  in-stock items .
Or elsewhere IF NOT Automatic
then   ASK !:    . .

SPECALS NEW Old stock FS GC Columns ASK !
For individual (each) Order Qty’s ASK for Quote by E-mail
2   a Surcharge may apply for repacking service etc
Discount on TOTAL Vial Order will still apply
3   MINIMUM ORDER Value $50.00 Net
4   A Freight Cost is automatically added
based on Qty of each item pack size ordered and postal area being shipped to . . .
VERY Approx Only
: to be upgraded based on weight of shipment and to respective Postal Codes: Any significant disrepancy will be billed to your Invoice
                            if / as necessary !


on completion . . . either options are . . .
> Auto E-mailed’ to us for verification & processing
 > create  ”just a Shopping List”  for manual e-mail request to us ! . . .  > for a RFQ

  • minor adjustments may be necessary
  • We generate the final PayPAL Invoice manually
    and then send it to you.
  • On PP Confirmation we send the Payment receipt
  • followed by the shipment.
    This is NON cancellable . . . via PayPAL
    Any errors are to adjusted by mutual negotiation ONLY !

Mals-Help ! . . . & as Your Last resort ?
   & No ! . . .  it’s NOT a perfect World !

-m4 Mobile Pages
& some Links
> -m5 & PC1000

* pages -m4 = ~400px
-m5 = [400px + SideNAV]
> 4x Fly-out subMenus A8=Android 600px
otherwise . . .links >
 ( PC-1000 )( + L/R SideNAV )

NEW 2020 CT-miniSITE
Tablet > mobile
Our 400px Site >
& now mobile “responsive” -m4 <  > PC

to browse ‘All”
U can always
Start Here !

to more Site NAV

& > a product preview to / from
Our detail FlipHTML5 PC< >mobile Site(s)

but U can still “ Pinch&Zoom / rotate ”
on a
“decent” Mobile phone( eg A8+)

2020 Updated

FlipHTML5 A-Z Index

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*OUR Site > (PC 1000px) - Now part converted > Mobile -m4 & -m5 (= m4+FlyOut )

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