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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR !All Your Laboratory Needs
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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FlipHML5 Site Catalog Library ( & more “responsive” )

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 WIX “ > & much improved “responsive” Mobile >< PC SITE

“OUR” PDF > Flip Versions > evolution over the “years” >

10AUG18 >SITE(s)
>NOW “Fully” restored
but still some “_” (undescore )
vs “ “ (space) > 404 errors ???
and stuffs up GOOGLE Search ???

 & after a 10day Cloud-Server “CRASH

  • even “Mobile Phone Apple/Android compatability
    HTM usable > marginal but OK!
  • pretty good. - whilst nothing will ever be perfect !
HTM + protoSHOP
“complete “SHOP
some more recent > /fliphtml5/

“ GOOGLE “ still “f.4kd” in the head though !
re Our Web “rankings”

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acrobat1 1992 to current

  • the “BASE” File format for the Universal Web
    from 198 > Current
  • and Archive but ongoing core files
  • \many too slow to be worthwhile ?
  • but still dependant on your Network “Institutional” Admin “policy”\large
  • PDF bundles we have “phased out” > FlipHTML5
  • now even > 800PDF pages

Original Acrobat PDF File

as a DIR /PDF2/
1000s of bundle and many individual PDF pages

> as an archive

depending on original source quality 200-1000Kb per A4 Page for OCR Quality

  • useless for large catalogs > Too SLOW for > ~30pages
  • visually a bit “archaic”
  • ALL files are stored here irrespective of actual size
  • primitive NOT Page Serrved ie you WAIT until the WHOLE PDF is downloaded !

Typical . . .
Restek 2012 Catalog
782p PDF 30Mb

but some loss of resolution VS original PDFs

Many still intact as download from the FlipHTML5 version

FLIP-2 link ~2004 -2008

Only Old(er Flip >2006

“Our” original PdfFLIP
as /pdfFLIP/

OUR Site embedded - mainly for “archive”  purposes


FlipBook-1 ~2008- 2014
Old(er) Flip<2015

Flipping Book /Flip/

very Limited MobilePhone compatability
WIN Only FLASH required

250Mb and 1000’s of raw htm assets/files

impossibly Slow to Create/edit
Upload to Cloud

a bit cumberome as an Editor
our Upload is ~<1MB/Min
Where’s Australia NBN ?

FLIP-HTML5>2015-2017+ Current and Now “perfected”

many older /pdfflip/
then /FLIP/ later
( >95%OK
but simulated re Flash)

 many since duplicated into /FlipHTML5/

But . . .

Our “Cloud Server “crashed and Now amajor upgrade required
July/Aug 2018 > AUG30 NOW OK!

as /FLIP/

> 50GByles of files

now WINPC , “better” MobilePhone compatability Tick but mobile memory dependent ???

  • I-Phone, Android with FLASH Plug-in installed
  • very large Cloud File Size
  • BUT Page -served and FAST !

fast Create

FAST Page-served

  • File stored automatically on OEM Cloud-Server
  • improved functionality / features
  • some features are cut-down

FlipHTML5 some latest 2018+
Catalogs / Files)

> /DIR/
OR via OUR completely “indepenant” Cloud Server

A-Z > HTM Index
& ALL our HTM Pages

Now in  both A8 mobile / PC view then
 > & often to PDF & FLIP ( & many latest FlipHTML5)

FIND-IT ! OR for More details !

do a GOOGLE SEARCH THIS Site ! - & to cut out that other Web “crap” !

> 1000px PC Results

the Web "Ask"

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this page

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