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“Specific” APPS Products

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Air Monitoring /Sampling > Restek, Nutech

Air Monitoring-m5
- Deactivation of SS & glass > Custom treated, > chromatography Silco tubing, GC Inert fittings, GC columns, Air Sampling Canisters,
Gas Sampling Bags : Tefzel & 5-layer Alum / Laminated acrobat
High Pressure 316 Sulfinert Cylinder
RPC Restek Protective Coatings
Bandalero AirSampling ( GC Accessory belt, large capacity GC Accessory )

Sample Prep
Sample Prep-m5
Filtration Products-m5
Filtration Accessories-m5

Filtration Hints

Gas Chromatographs
SRI GCs 8610C / PeakSimple DataSys

GC Columns GC Columns B'case FLIP-HTML5 Bookcase
GC Columns-m5
Fused Silica GC-m5(Restek), MEGAColumns-m5
Packed GC Columns

Pharmaceutical Products

New Vial Products-m5
Glass Vials-Bottles-m5
Crimpers for Aluminium Caps
Pharma Machinery

Autosampler Vials-m5 - GC/HPLC & Headspace Vials

Plastic Products
Plastic Fittings : ValuePlastics, MedLabs/QOSINA
Plastic Bottles

Plastic Syringes : Norm-Ject, see also MedLabs ( pharma black-tip type )

Glass Tubing Soda BS in specific sizes ( some stock)
Glass-Restek (specialty)

Gas Products Systems
Gas Purifiers-Traps
Gas Generators
Gas Permeation Tubes (generators) (VICI)
Syringes Valves ( Mininert-VICI )

Gas Regulators see GasCon acrobat

Flow Products
Flow Devices
VICI Flow Products

Digital Flow Meter Restek ProFlo6000 acrobat
Restek Leak Detective acrobat

Gas Standards-MESA
Gas Standards-Restek

Chemical Standards - Restek

Fittintgs-Chromatography Fittings FLIP-HTML5
Fittings Kits
Large Diameter
LowPressure Valves-Fittings
Misc plastic fittings adaptors : Luers, threads, tube connectors, manifolds - Sanitary Fittings see ValuePlastics
more exotic see
VICI-Valco. VICI-Jour-m5 low dead-volume; mini SS, PEEK, CTFE
BioTech Fluidics ( > UpChurch fittings)
also Teflon for 1/6, 1/8, 1/4 Ferrule fittings

Tubing - Chromatography Tubing FLIP-HTML5
chromatography tubing-m5
Bulk SS, Teflon(PTFE)  . . . ETFE > 1000ft
Hyodermic #316 SS

Ferrules Fittings FLIP-HTML5
Graphite Ferrules
Teflon, 15%GraphitePolyimide, Custom (VICI)

Valves Valves FLIP-HTML5
Valves - Instrumentation-VICI : injection, stream selection; electric, pneumatic actuated, mult-port. 360um, 1/16, 1/8 some 1/4”, SS, PEEK
Syringe Valves : mininert-VICI
Plastic Stopcocks, SC Manifolds, CheckValves see Value Plastics; MedLabs / Qosina

HPLC Accessories-m5
HPLC Valve Systems
Solvent Systems
Overflow Indicator
HPLC Survival Kit
Detector Lamps-m5 UV / Vis  UV Lamps FLIP-HTML5

“Chromatography” Adsorbents (bulk Silica Gel, Alumina Industrial)

see also Restek HPLC Adsorbents and packings HPLC / GC

Restek Literature  the most prolific chromatgraphy Literature resource on the WEB Restek Advantage Newsletter-m5 regular issues from 1992-2019

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