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SRI NEW GC Models 2016+

FLIP-HTML5SRI GC 2015+  FlipHTML5 (Draft)

[SRI GCs] [SRI GCs 2016] [SRI Custom GCs] [SRI Tech Resources] [SRI015 NEW Ideas] [SRI MGA-5 Update] [SRI MultiGas Analyzer GCs] [PeakSimple DataSystem]

MGA#5 (more)

Multi Gas Analyzer #5 Jan 2016 PDF MGA#5 GC

  • 2 Electric Gas Sample Valve
  • 3+ Columns
    -  0.5 meter Haysep-D precolumn
       2 meter MoleSieve 5A column
       2 meter Haysep D column
  • TCD 200ppM to 10
  • FID with Methaniser

    for low ppM CO CO2 up to 100KppM (~10%) levels
  • permanent gases, Inc O2/N2 ( but not Argon separation )
  • methane to C6 (> Cp with possibilities !)
    backflushing / timing and as required
    H2 not without modifications > & Argon Carrier Gas
MGA-2016 FlowConfig

SRI Model 420 PDF SRI420 GC Medical Cannabis Potency GC

“Medical” Cannabis Potency GC

specifically fpr THC & CBDf or Medical Cannabis Potency
( using an Internal Standard Methyl stearate )

Supplied as a complete kit . .

inc complete methodology

  • Built-in mini H2 Generator - for column carrier gas and FID
  • mini Aiir Cimpressor built-in - for FID
  • FID
  • 1-Channel PeakSimple DataSystem
  • Gas Bottle-less System for lab or fiel applications

    ONLY a simple PC AND Distilled Water is required ( see here )


SRI US EPA Method 16B
- Total Sulfur as SO2

Nov2013 - 2015 update PDF SRO USEPA Method 16B GC

improved mehodology . . .
 - still a bit improvised

  • Built-in mini H2 Generator - for column carrier gas and FID
  • FPD/FID Combi detector
  • modified DELD Detector with catalyst for S-Cpd oxidation at 1000degC
  • SO2 is THEN separated from other interferants like CO2, CO2 and water and unreacted Sulfurs


SRI US EPA Method 25
- true Carbon Counting

SRO #8610-1025 PDF SRI US EPA Methoa 25 True Cargon GC


  • Inlet Oxidizer Catalyst *65-C) with an Oxy/Air Supply
  • PLUS reduxtion(methaniser) catalyst
  • converts ALL HC ( and CO. CO2) to Methane
  • FID measures TOTAL Methane
SRI 25GC-oxidiser
SRI 25GC-oxidiser-pic2

Sulfur in Natural Gas GC #8610-6555

for the laboratory or field portable PDF SRI - MGA#5 GC

measure BOTH HC’s and S-Compunds
 ( AND do NOT Interfere NOT like “Other” OEM configurations )

  • FPD / FID (built-in air compressor)
  • 2 capillary columns 60meter MXT1; 15metre Rt-Q PLOT
  • stop flow configuration
  • 6Channel PeakSimple Data Control System
  • 10 port Gas Sampling Valve & heated Valve Oven

approx USD17500 ( in Australia (AUD <$24,000)
+ Import Frt (ex GST

Sulfur in NG

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