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Innovations in GC . . . from SRI Gas Chromatographs > OEMs

SRI GCs 2016

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SR IGC -Innovations

How to BUY a GC Q&A Form

SRI GCs NEW Catalog

2011-13 PDF  SRI Flip Catalog 2013

 Product List


Multi Gas Analyzer GCs Update 2016 (ALL) PDF



SRI AUD Price List June2016 PDFD2015-16 FLatest SRI Catalog How to Buy a GC RFQ   ALL SRI  FLIP Lit 2014


SRI GC Catalog 2011-13

Peak Simple
Data System
PS DataSystem

1-Ch & 6-Channel Data & Control System

Demo Software
WIN v3.93(2010) ASK!

SRI GC Parts
List  Complete SRI GC Parts

Revisions PDF
SRI - NEW Ideas

Environmental GCs from SRI PDF acrobat-but

Medical Cannabis Marijuana GC
Options PDF Medical Cannabis GC

NEW June 2016
 Model 420 Cannabis Potency GC PDF

Low Cost<AUD $10K

  • miniH2 Gen built-in
  • min Air built-in
    GasBottle-Less fiels use

Peak SImple Data Systems - standalone PDF PeakSimple Data System

MultiGas Analysers MG#

Sulfur in Natural Gas GC PDFSulfur in Natural Gas GC
Greenhouse Gas GC System acrobat-butGreenhouse Gas GC PDF GreenHouse Gas GCUpdate Aug 2008 PDF acrobat-but

Stand-alone Methaniser
( for other GCs )

Multiple Gas Analyser #1
MGA #2 PDF(Op Manual) MGA#2 GC

Unique 2/3 column config
Stopped flow; permanent gases &VOCs (inc  liquid Injection option & possibilities)
MGA#3 + Sulphur PDF MGA#3 plus Sulfur GC
Includes TCD/FID Methaniser.FID/FPD; 3 columns MS13X /HS-D
/ MXT-1 . . . ppm to 100%

CryoSulfur GC Cryosulfurl GC 8610-5675

NEW2016 - & Unique
Updated MGA#5
MultiGas Analyser MGA#5 MGA#5r GCs

  • 3 columns inc backflush
  • 2 x GSVs
  • TCD, FID-Methaniser
  • Liquid On-Column Injection Port Option (manual as an extra option)
  • Stop-Flow Solenoid

MGA#5 + Sulfur

  • above > plus
  • FID-FD
  • 60m MXT-1 Column foe S’s
  • also in Dual Oven 8610D Configuration (??? But ASK!)

some “Custom” SRI GCs

Biodiesel GC Bidiesel GCl GCs
Educational GC Family Educational GCs
Mudloggers Mudlogger GCs
EPA Method 25 GC EPA Method 25 GCs
Oxygenates & Aromatics in Gasoline GC Oxygenates & Aromatics in Gasoline GC - ASTM 4815, Unique with ASD
Model 420 Ethanol Analysis Model 420 Ethanol Analysis
VOC Screening System (Field Use) Model 420 Ethanol Analysis & Method 5035 Retrofit
Ethylene Oxide Monitoring System SRI Ethylene Oxide Monitoring Sys

Gas-less Educational GC Gas-less Educ GC
CCD Detector Catalytic Combustion Detector SRI GC CCD Detector

Methaniser SRI Methanizer

2008 Enviro GC Models

SRI GC PDF Catalog 112-p  PDF SRI PDF Catalog 2012

Cobra Autosampler
Operation Manual SRI Cobra Autosampler

<  for other GCs

NEW for 2011

Gas Chromatograph & Cobra Autosampler

SRI 8610V
Special AUD19,999- INTRO OFFER > ASK !

8610V-GC Vertical Injector/Detectors

110 vial Liquid Autosampler
Flame ionization detector ( FID )
On-column injector
400C column oven
15meter capillary column
PeakSimple Data System
Field Portable system -2 packing Crates
Heavy duty shipping containers
Low power consumption ( <1000watts )
Ships easily by FedEx/UPS
Small footprint for crowded lab bench
Many detector/injector options
same options as 8610C GC
Two Year Warranty
Made in USA
Complete system

Other 8610V GCs . . .  Convert almost any 8610C version to “Cobra-Ready” system
Add ~AUD2500 to same configuration 8610C price - ASK !

SRI DUAL Oven GCs 8610D

Tunable Selectivity GC TCS GC
an App TCS GC App
SRI GC Tunable Column Selectivity
Selectivity GC

SRI GCChassis Types

sri gc chassis types

some SRI GC Literature >2014 775p 117mB FLIPHTML5


ask for details on other GC Configurations see Custom SRI GCs

NEW 2016 see Main SRI GC for
preconfigured Models

Discontinued by SRI . . . from 2008

  • H2 Gen . . . All SRI Liquid Autosamplers
    - 8640,- 311H,- HT200H,- HT300A :ALL these replaced with COBRA AutoS Model on 8610V
  • All HPLC Instruments
  • 4-Ch PeakSimple DS
    replaced with > . . .
     6-Channel PS at same price
    Single Channel - still available
    :   Built-in to SRI Chassis
    1-Channel per detector supplied as standard . . . with each GC
    :   but also as a Stand-alone
    unit from .
    . . AUD1850 1-Ch 6-Ch AUD3500 see PS DataSystem

NEW 2013
Operation Manuals


  • TCD Manual 2013 PDF SRI TCD Manual 2013
  • Column Installation in the SRI Model 8610 and Model 310 Gas Chromatographs equipped with the split/splitless injector PDF SRI Column Installation
  • Cobra Liquid AutoSampler Manual PDF SRI Cobra Autosampler
    -   Cobra Installation/Operation PDF Cobra AS Installation/Operationt
    -   Mounting the Cobra in the SRI 8610C Feb 2012 PDF acrobat-but
  • VICI Universal Actuator Manual
    PDF VICI Valve Actuator Manual
  • New Replacement Column(s) for
  • CTR-1 Permanent Gases PDF CTR-1 Permanent Gas Columns
  • Liquid/Gas Homogeniser PDF Liquid Ga Homogeniser
  • Vaporizer accessory for injection of  LPG,  refrigerants and other Pressurized liquids PDF SRI GC Vaporizer Accessory
  • MGA#3 PermanentGas + Injector for VOCs Liquid Injecion PDF acrobat-butMGA#3 VOC Liquid Injector
  • SRI Fast(60sec) Natural Gas Analysis PDF SRI Fast Natural Gas Analyzer
  • Sulfur Trapping PreConcentrattion PDF acrobat-butSulfur Gas Pre-concentrator
    TOOLS :
    Simple Flow Measurement device PDF SRI Flow Device

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