SRI GC Terms ( Australia - Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd )
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Delivery : within MAX 30 day (ex-USA) from receipt of Order by SRI.(transit? allow 2-4weeks)
Chromalytic process your Order only on Confirmation of Payment in full

  • Terms : Imports ( into Australia ) payment in Full with Confirmed PurchaseOrder
    ( see Payment details ).
    SRI Distributor accepts responsibility for ALL Customs importation duties, GST Taxes
    and brokerage fees.
  • Shipment Transit : Chromalytic accepts NO Responsibily for any out of our control delays caused by ; War, “force majeur; ANY Govt associated / “inspired” Trade Embargoes, re COVID19” etc.
  • Restocking : 25% restocking fee, plus 2% per day after 30days from date of invoice
  • Order Cancellation : 25% effective from the moment that you place your Order
    and it is accepted by Chromalytic.
  • Voltage : by default 240VAC, 50Hz in Australia ( Order Cat.#-2 )
    110VAC 60Hz available ( specify Cat,#-1).
  • Warranty : 2 years ( parts ONLY, NOT consumables ! )
  • Major Repairs : Return of the GC (or parts) to SRI-USA > ALL Freight costs
    are customers responsibility ( at FedEx weight Costs).
    Any incidental issues must be directed to SRI but via Chromalytic Tech
  • Payment : details as per OUR Order Confirmation; In FULL with your Purchase Order prior to OUR acceptance for processing to SRI.
  • Import Adjustment : Our Quotation in AUD is based on the prevailing Exchange Rate
    ( XR normally AUD/USD ).
  • OUR Order Confirmation ( Tax Invoice ) will be readjusted to the XR at that date
     ( if variation is >2% ).
    ANY difference will be credited/debited to Your Account
  • NOTES : Free Software Updates may be downloaded from
    The Data System installed in this GC requires connection to an (extra) USB 2.0 compliant port on the users PC.
    Installation of the PC : Entirely the responsibility of the customer IT Dept . including any for PC Maintenance and the viability of Any incidental Internet Connection that
    may be required.
    Recommended MIN PC specs : 4GHz, 8gB RAM and Hard Drive space 100Gb
    Printer ( most Dot or Laser printers are OK ! ) for report / chromatogram printout
    if / as necessary )
    - a reliable Internet Connection ( if at all possible )
  • ECD(Ni63) : ANY GC with Electron Capture Detectors must conform to strict USA
    and International radioactivity regulations ( despite the SRI ECD
    being Only 5milliCuries )
    Disrtributors/Importers is mandator ( ARPANSA in Australia ) and >
    End Users customer ( State Govt Health Depts)
    both GC Site License and GC Operators licences for mobile APPs and ANY incidental transportation DG requirements.


The SRI ECD Cell is fully insulated metal block &  by being glass wool insulated
and ”sealed” in a tamper-proof metal case

DO NOT TAMPER WITH  / Or DIS-assemble > No Serviceable parts inside !
Return to SRI for any servicen and ultimately to VICI-Valco, YOUR Time Watse
 and at your expense
IF exposed the radioactive ”Ni63 foil” is but equivalent to that of a domestic “smoke detector” per annum !


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