What is SyringePumpPro ?
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Pump Control S’ware SPP is a Microsoft Windows PC application that can communicate with a variety of Pumps including New Era Syringe Pumps and NE Peristaltic Pumps.

Infusion syringe pumps including some OEM models can be control programmable; .
Complex, multi-step timed operation ; multiple pumps can be “daisy chained up to 100 separate pumps” and recognised automatically by Windows
New Era Pump can be controlled independently from built-in touch pad / screen ( for simple “manual” Apps Only) but beyond that SPP is simpler >> automation
Using NE Coded s’ware is far more difficult but is generic designed with LabView etc integration in mind)
Basic Syringe Pump NE-1000 (35lb Slow speed > 15lb High speed)
 has evolved into high(er) force versions
( NE1010 (75lb >~35lb) and NE8000-( 200lb > ~100lb )

But U can also use a syringe heater for viscous liquids

DISCLAIMER : NO Warranty Claims for “wear and tear” mechanical items or usage outside of Specification for each respective pump NO RETURNS ACCEPTED !
 A thorough under-standing of pump design Safety Limitation
and precautions are required

These can be “weapons of mass destruction” if used by “in-experienced” hands particularly in regard to high Pressure/ Force applications
Use with Glass Syringes - A Safety Shield is MANDATORY

Don’t rely on ANY NE implemented “LAST RESORT” mechanical “STALL” blocks, limit switches etc to control your “flow experiments” - it’s Only a matter of time before wear and tear under repeated use/misuse will cause these to eventually FAIL > Broken Drive Belt, “geartrain” and Stepper Motor itself. The OPSystem code can>ERROR ( >a factory repair)

for example . . . >
NE8000 now has a built-in motor “ rotary sensor feature

Detail attention to ”S’ware coding” is ESSENTIAL
AND to work within suggested
 “Pump Operation Guidelines”

SIMPLE Pump Operation from the FRONT Panel
IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE but PC programming as well !
but Use sensibly and WITH CARE

Observe ALL Safety Precautions . . . like > work behind a Safety Shield  particularly with Glass Syringes at High(er) Pressures
SS Syringes for HP>NE8000 mandatory !

NE has options/accessories eg Analog Boxes
for valve interaction / sensor input ?

Evaluation/Demonstration Copy
is available - ASK !

You can test your pump by downloading the free trial and seeing if it works. If it doesn't,
Then we’ll tell you how !


You Need ? . . . >

  • A Pump > New Era, NE-9000(aperistaltic pump, Syringe Pump, NE-1000 Series eg NE1010(High(er) Force 100lb
     >  NE8000 (High Force 200lb) or variants there-of . . . !
  • almost  Any PC WinXP > Vista > Win7,& Win10
    with RS-232 or USB Port
  • Cable(s)  > ASK !
    Pump > PC
    Pump to Pump”
    RS232-USB etc
  • some PC “nouse”
  • some “s’ware hacking skills”

some customisation may also be required > consult . . .US!

If you need “expert” S’ware Coding HELP ( custom / for a charge (perhaps ?- And specific for NewEra Pumps

contact > SyringePumpPro
( SouthAustralia based ) > Contact

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see also
SyringePump Pro
direct ( TimBurgess )
some more details re SPP

Programming Your Pump . . . but NOT for the Faint-Hearted !

. . . manually programming your pump and getting started writing pump programs can be a real challenge! The initial learning curve is high. So much to learn. There’s plenty to learn about the programming language and how the pump operates. You just want to start getting results – now!   We can help you!
. . . and Only FOOLS Rush-In !

Force and Pressure Measurement

. . . Do you need to monitor the pressure in the syringe? Do you need to regulate the pressure? I am currently considering adding pressure monitoring and regulation to SyringePumpPro

Pump Programaming Triggers . . . but NOT for the Faint-Hearted !

A trigger is something usually an electrical signal that is used to get a pump to change it's pumping action. Simplest example is the use of a foot switch

more . . . FAQs How WE can help !> PDFs pdf

Programming Multi Pump Recipies ?

SPP uses up to 40 steps . . . but more capability option is available

How to Specify Your Flow ?

TTL Inputs and Outputs ?

Pump Commands

Easy Way to Create PPL Files – Programming Spreadsheet

DISCLAIMER / Warning !
reSyringe PUMP Safety Design Feature

NE1000 / NE1010
Stall Stop Collar
NE8000 (HighForce)
Adjustable Limit “Switches”
but NO “Stall Collar”wear

  • ALWAYS wear Safety Goggles and /or Shield
     when using Glass Syringes

Some NE Models have a STALL Detection system at end of syringe travel

  • to prevent damage to Syinges, Nut-Block, Motor Belts & Motor AND to miimise risk of Glass Syringe breakage
  • a rotary sensor (on Stepper Motor drive shaft) based on Vibration/Noise

These stall mechanisms are NOT Designed / Intended to be used as a STOP Control during Pump “Method Operation”
or automated set-up

USE Programming / S’ware to impose Flow Volume limits” before activaton of Any STALL . . . otherwise
 > Eventual damage !

NO WARRANTY APPLIES fot this misuse
OR user /oversight

IF Programming TOO Difficult for U ?
> suggestion > Use a simple low cost timer to turn pump Power OFF after a carefully pre-determined time.

(24hr-15min) Timer or similar - as an Safety
> 24Hr-15minTimer& recommended !
Only ~$25

Chromalytic Direct - All types of SyringesPlastic & Metal Luer; Adaptor Fittings
Tubing Teflon, Adaptor fittings luer/ferrule; Luer Barbs /ThreadsSilicone, LDP, Polyuretane, SS, Hypodermics SS


“Pumps” Made Easy(ier)

SPP UserGuideV1 2014+ FLIP-HTML5

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SPP UserGuide V1Menu

SPP UG 2014
some Videos



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CT > NE SyringePump & Pro S’ware-m4

ALT see Infusetek Syringe Pumps NEW 2023-6 ! > ASK !

  • more sophisticated LED Touch Display > Split and
    Continuous “pulse-free” Flow design(s) !

Extra Cost x1.5 of NE design “equivalent”

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