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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
Chromatography Fluid Transfer Products :
& FOR  All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA


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TAWK JS installed in this body ONLY
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var Tawk_API=Tawk_API||{}, Tawk_LoadStart=new Date();
var s1=document.createElement("script"),s0=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
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& as per .install instructions
very initial below

Unfortunately at best currently ALL U get from Our Website TAWK widge? is but the Non(>barely) responsive ?widget? logo  TAWK-Widget > N actual send on TAWK Dashboard not optimised ?
CT( JimJeffs Registered Account Holder Agent ) just
AIM : for us  To simply  simulate the Tawk On-line System via Our Website
See very simplfied page

As a simple Self Test ONLY?
New User to simply try demo to my satisfaction over several Q&As
and on-line simulation and need for a copy of the transcript? History for this Chat session
which user can copy&paste or by E-mail
(a) assuming our CT-Help is  set to active
(b) but if we are NOT then to allow the standard Transcript at user Copy&Paste copy for later reference
and/ OR to send the TAWK Chat Transcript? via an e-mail for a later response continuation of that CHAT Session

Currently can type message in  seems to be sent
> Nothing ie No Transcript and No email in OUR email box ( as the Site Agent for Us ! )
No Transcript Or e-mail is received into Our in-box ?

Seems part fixed by TAWK now ?
but see more details in manual email sent 15Mar24 today

Such a simple issue convoluted by the AI and lack of understanding of the basic issue as a newcomer to Any CHATs and logical setup > HOW !

For You Check eg  eg JS Validator( but others via MS-Bing) syntax NOT logic > inconclusive

  • that JavaScript for ANY Errors > fly specs dots? etc  (C&P from the TAWK Widget > INSTALL)
  • Try It yourself over a few of your Q&A & followed by my As but probably delayed as I’ll be OFF-line
     re time differences with you and some of our potential Int’l WebSite customers
    If I do happen to be on-line then it should work like the on-lines TAWK demo?
    U might Suggest some Dashboard setup option
    Obviously the many options in setup? does make things a bit ambiguous and lengthy Chat obviously can get
    disjointed? ( thread loses the plot over multi session and maybe several different agents dilution of brain power)
  • The Optimum Company size is reportedly 15-175 Max excluding ALL dick heads? & associates of course ! )

    Oligopolies ? >
    Large Banks, Govts, bureaucracies ( the United Nations ? ) NO !> ALL but rubbish? & almost without Exception !
  • The World Record Must go to the 400,000 ( out of ~ 6million public servant ) a continuous down spiral into achieving very little Or at least NOTHING constructive  ( the dearth of Democracy a kin to Russia / China )
  • like Black Rock & Larry Flynn ogopolies? perhaps the exception NOT BAD merely as another bean counter
    reputedly who controls (namely stifles most of the Worlds High Tech Corps
    look it up on BING 
  • But Z’burg is the nerd > another useless? paraiah (?) version

Elon Musk good on mate at least you are dynamic And constructive  . . . a real ?ideas? man !

New Risks ChatGPT Poses to Cybersecurity Mar24.pdf
Gartner Identifies Six ChatGPT Risks Legal and Compliance Leaders Must Evaluate Web
but . . . that’s but just a warning :  . . .

Be-A-Ware ! > even Much more insidious ! scammers included

AmazonTikTok etc AND GOOGLE itself . . .full-of? their entrenched spyware?

?condoned? by Governments with little attempt at ANY regulation or even recognition of the
flaws? of the Internet !

> my paranoia?? just THINK ABOUT IT ! . . . fake News business Info spreads at the speed of light? wide -open for exploitation . . . of the naive by nefarious scammers? >scumbags? of THE Internet ? Very Innovative . . . still very much > evolving & rapidly ! > Still . . . Be-A-Ware !

> a TECH Resource for Analytical Chemists ! CT Chromatogrphy  > 
PIC Gallery > via the “courtesy” of ”Our” GOOGLE SEARCH
PICs >
PDF LINKs > Good IDEAS : Gadjets | > some Interesting Hi(er)TECH *

Email-Us U'r Feedback

GoogleThis CHROMTECH Site-2022


the Web "Ask"


Tick OK Updated !

We’d Welcome YOUR   e-Mail /chat  Response >
but YOUR “Hi-TECH“ “Feedback” is also most Welcome

WE R Here 2 4 E-mail CHAT !


Corrections ! > ALL ( > MANY ) “HTM” links with “ “  or a “%20” ( space ) in the URL
now are “auto-fixed” on-line by NOF15
NOT with “%20” but with “ -” ( hypen ) instead & are NOW W3C / HTML5  OK ! 
“ _ “ ( underscore ) are also  accepted !
with NO dreaded “404” errors !* FlipHTML5 & PDFs ar NOT effected by this “farcical”>”anomaly” !

NOW ? > (“simlpy” ] use TAWK Tick-sfrom ~31Mar24+ but still  ? >
& evolving ! albeit TAWK “HELP”itself Is Still a bit “farcical” ! Re AI > garbage-IN > OUT ! . . . but still 2-5year away to minimise obvious “scams > “phishing” etc?
Until ALL such OEM > Marketing Cos’ > GET REAL ! FREE ?
BUT Still within LIMITS ! U must Pay for necessary extra IF U need to Install ?

“Real AI”?

 some of Our Other Main OEM Suppliers !

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 some of Our “KEY “ Products !

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preferably Talk to US ! via e-mail > CHAT ? >spasmodic & NOT AI !

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