TraceGas Analysis > New GCs !

Unique ! Now “being” commercialised
after decades of evolution ! > “EP-D”
Initially >
ProcessControl GCs
>>Now > more into Lab GC concepts !
NOT by Chromtech !

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“science” by definition is NEVER “perfect” !>
 ever evolving despite the “dogma” of the scientific “establishment”*

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UNIQUE ! Revolutionary High Tech Ultra Trace Gas Analysis

WE have NO direct “ties” to this OEM ( yet ! ) The technology is “Unique” and what’s more  IT’s “significant “ > No doubt this is evolving commercially rapidly and it’s only a matter of time before the “too big to fail” GC OEMs wake up to these advancements and work around entrenched “built-in obsolescence” mind-set !

Chromtech is in negotiations  to adopt such new ideas but realise the “odds” might be against us ! > It’s obvious the intent of “start-ups” is simple to eventually sell out to the “Ogopolies” and “make a killing” ! Hopefully ! If they don’t get “screwed” in the meantime !

Now-a-days the CHINESE will simply buy them Out ! . . . once we continue to “ educate them “ !

But NOT “simply” to “fast track” competitive “pariahas” !
Or to try emulate the “smart-arses” out there !
 & behind the likes of Twitter, Facebook, perhaps “GOOGLE, MS etc

Obviously to be continued !

> some more PICs ( anonomous_ to come ! > & SOON !

BUT Not necessarily just a “push-button” concept “designed” for “monkeys”
like many conventional GC designs ! > Limited as they may be ?

some add-ons !

Typical APP Notes

ASK ! for details
Still “restricted ! info”

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