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Specialists in Chromatography/Fluid Transfer Products
: Distributors in Australia & for ALL Your Lab. Equipment

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TO All NEW Customers
. . . but a reminder to ALL
!     User ONUS !

With all due respect . . . As of 2016+

We are here to provide a Service ( within our capability ) but also to provide a technical resource to assist your work to provide perhaps “ideas”, perhaps inspiration based on experience
The onus is on YOU ( Your Organisation ) to reciprocate , NOT to obfuscate !
. . .  whether it be by ignorance, mismanagement or a general lack of knowledge or experience
. . .  NOR the all too common agenda of “vested” interests and political “influence” regarding “money talks” influencing what might otherwise be considered as common sense.

In principle we’re more intent to proportion our time and effort on “ relevant “ projects
and Not need to justify even whether to be involved where it;s demonstrable ( in our mind ) > our point of view ) that the fundamental logic rationale of YOUR :”project” is “questionable” !
OUR justification OUR DECISION ! . . . and at Our discretion . . . WITH ALL DUE RESPECT !

-   We will NOT Fund ( “ill-thought” out ) projects ( on Credit / term payments for example )
> Payment in Advance ( with Purchase Order ) WE will advise accordingly in advance

-   Non disclosure of Your projects intent  > risks at OUR Discretion
whether We are to proceed or NOT!

THE ONUS is completely on the USER as to the use of any ideas and/or equipment obtained from Chromalytic - due diligence by the USER is expected >MANDATORY

     . . . We will no longer accept Phone orders or CC Payment by phone
- CONFIRMATION is required in writing
by e-mail (preferred)  or fax ( Banks at their discretion do no favors for us
the vendor in case of disputes ! )
Altho’ we Do welcome phone enquiries and RFQs - And YES we DO answer the bloody phone
 And NOT wit  those dumb answering machine

We reserve the right do do business with you or your Company strictly under OUR Terms
 And NOT to do business with customers who can Not or Will Not comply
Or even those who may tend to obfuscate with Us

Government Orders or those from “Large” Companies SPECIFYing 30>60>90days
Or whatever ? will NOT be accepted !.

Customer Registration

  • where we deem it necessary or expedient both for You and Ourselves
  • legal ramification use of restricted Goods
  • whre ethics and viability of customers “projects” might be of concern !

Payment preferred

> using CC via PayPAL ( & we send the PP Invoice but on Your request !

  • 1    Any . . . ACCOUNT Orders
  • CASH Orders
  • 3   SHOPPING Cart) Account Orders - for customer convenience  > “obvious” limitations apply !



  • All Due Care and diligance freight to customer out of (our) control Price reflects Non insurability > Customers responsibility
  • broken items will be replaced > no customer cost apart from ALL freight charges
    - after photo evidence of damage !


Equipment Installation / User Training > by negotiation

  • Offered by Chromalytic on a RESTRICTED / Limited basis
  • often included in the Cost Price of the equipment or Free of Charge > ASK to confirm !

Customer Declaration

  • I have read and understand the User ONUS clauses
  • Declaration Form > details
  • covers Any contentious issues > details


Limited strictly to those pertaining to those offered by the original manufacturers
of the Goods
as stated on respective Supplier websites
Limited to absolute Maximum of replacement part cost . . . providing proof is given
of faulty materials or workmanship.
NO INDEMNITY for any losses whatsoever . . . for product failure
 . . . loss of production time.
Replacement Parts - in a timely manner . . .
NO CLAIMS or compensation will be accepted for YOUR time lost or delays in shipping outside of OUR direct control.

Resellers / Distributors

Appointments will be considered and discounts may be offered on an “ad hoc” basis
NO rights apply to market or advertise under Chromalytic or Chromtech name OR is implied
under our Supplier/Category Name.
NO legally binding agreements re Insurances Taxation are or can be implied.
Due respect for Ours’, Our Suppliers Copyrites, Trademarks, Patents are YOUR Legal Responsibility !

FIND-IT ! OR for More details ! >

do a GOOGLE SEARCH THIS Site ! - & to cut out other Web “crap” !

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