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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
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- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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Sterile Vials

10,000 minimum; TGA approval problematic; supply & demand
Potential “shelf-life and packaging issues) double-wrapped and clean room packaging  . . .  to meet TGA approval . . . makes impractacal fo us
for “pharmaceutical” / Clinical use Overseas sterile products NOT approve for Australian use

In Australia be WARY- Importe sterile Vilals DO NOT Conform to TGA Standards and are NOT certified for medical/Pharma use

Due to the Uncertainties Shelf-life issue - Such Hospitals / Pharma Co’s invariably sterilise equipment “IN-HOUSE”
. . . Autoclave Equipment etc

ANY compromises . . . NOT Legal or approved / recommended Entirely AT YOUR Risk!

Vials gamma-irradiated

gamma Irradiated
pre-Stopperd before Irradiation
Note : Gray Hue is part-evidence of ultra-clean treatment

10ml Clear Vials ONLY. . . . uses our components
CTSC-10V-20T-22D45H CT-20BNRB-C . . . 20mm Stopper
Slab Size of 198ea - Shrink-wrapped in plastic

Supplied : Production Clean
But NOT necessarily
Organic (VOC) Clean

can be syringe filled 5ml max recommended
due to part pressurisation possibilities User Beware


Disclaimer : Fillinig with fluid to 50% momentarily pressuries the vial - on withdrawing needle pressure dissipates
Overfilling ( >75% ) can leave residual pressure - on needle re- penetration spurting may occur

USE at Own Risk - Take Precautions
These vials are supplied treated washed and “gamma irradiated”
NO GUARANTEES or Warranty is offered by Chromalytic and they must be used with asceptic handling procedures
where deemed necessary

These gamma-irradiated Vials are supplied for use for R&D laboratory use ONLY by suitably trained technicians,
they are
NOT Tamper Proof / evident or certified for any particular use.
Uses are adviser to use discretion and all due dilgence in applyng them for any given application

Other Sizes ? - ONLY to Custom Order & Large Qtys . . . but ASK!

some “Sterilisation” HINTS . . . To ensure max Sterility - use sterile processes and methodology in ALL handling
 - Your responsibilty ! . . . strictly to TGA requirements - and may even require YOUR TGA certification
for example for final Vial filling - Use a Sterile Syringe Filter 0.22um Pore is regarded as providing a high degree of sterility
0.45um is limited in this respect
For “oils” or non polar material use

- PVDF ”SFPVDF025022SG with a 1.0um Glass Fibre pre Filter
For water solutions . . .

- Nylon  SFNY025022SG

These 0.22um filter can be very slow ie easily blocked

- in which case use 0.45um version then followed by a the 0,.22um for more effective sterilisation
0.45um only achieves a partial sterilisation ( some

The 1um GF prefilter helps remove difficult suspended particulate material preserves/prolongs the life of the main filter

Choice of filter materials is left to users discretion

- PES  ( polyethersulfone) a newer media is reported to produce faster and more effective filtration for many water based applications versus Nylon, cellulose acetate etc

Use of full vacuum filtration - flask / funnels vacuum Pump ( motorised ) is recommended for “bulk Solutions”
and “initial” cleanup

Filtration, Vac Pmps

OPEN Invitation to Sterilsation
. . . OEMs

we are open for business ! - offers of products
PROOF of TGA approval;  small Quantities, fast turn-around - proper packaging essential ! . . . certification date-stamped and Guaranteed !

IMPORTED “STERILE” Products are NOT viable NOR acceptable to us !

& > as a product preview to / from
Our detail PC Site(s)

U can still “ Pinch&Zoom / Screen rotate ”
on a
“decent” Mobile phone

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Our SHOP(s)

 just a few >from 1000’s
from ”itsy bitsy” pieces to . . .
 lab equipment /instrumentation
 if we haven’t got it listed  ?
we’ll try & get it !

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Restek Important Notice !
& Until Further Notice
Supplies from Restek ?
R On Hold as of 2020

some items from Chromalytic
 are still in stock or May still be available

2020 March
> OUR Website(s) are being modified ACCORDINGLY 1

Much of OUR Restek Literature is being “archived”
but still may be available for 
Technical Reference  purposes ONLY > OFF-Line

  ASK !

We reserve the right to Offer Alternative Products !