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                                        ( some of ) my “ideas” > “some gems”
with more “waffle” in between ? > but room 4 more thought !”
> more . . .  after-thoughts of . . . >
Our (Australia's)  political “mess” here > more ( My BLOG(s) )
      . . . enough for Mr Bean and Faulty Towers to merge into !

NEW Product “Releases

For GOOD ! Or for BAD ? . . . generally and OURs ! Tick-Green Yes weactually  use this !?        unfortunately some OEMs highlight “new” products when they’re perhaps still ONLY on their “wish list”Or just Under_Construction_anim

such promos can be misleading > frustrating giving false hopes to Distributors like Us and customers alike !

Sometimes the front office of OEMs can even be ignorant
in their “slack“ non-response to new”distributors” interest >

unfortunately IF academic sponsored > can suffer from the embedded inertia > re life time “jobs” ( like The Unions ! )
ie >  SLOW-Down PROGRESS ( commercialization? )
 . . .  > ELSE THEY’’RE OUT OF A JOB !

( “panic Only when needed > threat of funding for he boys”etc)

good products ideas in fact tend to get rationed to Us in 3rd World Countries under-developed” as we “Aussies”obviously ARE !
particularly when incidents like COVID19 are “staged” !
But We in Australia DO TRY ! limited by our insignificant market !

  • More-so > MANY of those damn On-line CHAT “HELP” APPS generally are VERY Limited > auto system supposedly based on AI Artificial Intelligence OUR experience > almost Useless for HELP
    ( AI Good Luck on that ! guys ! . . . IF ever ? )

BUT we’ll persevere with E-mail “Chat” WE R Here 2 ! 4 e-Mail CHAT Tick-Green Yes weactually  use this !
. . . as a compromise

ie but IT’s NOT really auto-INTELLIGENT > YET !

  • maybe Just a matter of relative priorities SUPPLY & DEMAND !
  • simple  marketing “u Beaut !” pre-announcement ( . . . for Trade Fairs etc )
  • R&D & works in progress
    perhaps just for substantiation on THE “never-ending / prolonged “request for more Funding””
  • some RD done as add-on to UNI projects with possible end-products NOT necessarily perfected or relying
    on “background” facilities as integral to proper functionality of “ideas”
  • We are left to try and “interpret “ the potentiality in reality of such new ideas / products
  • OFTEN such ideas are only followed thru’ after interest is established from end-users
  • sometimes in the form of a firm Purchase Order
  • The intention (understandably) of such OEMs is obviously to protect their proprietary interest(s) in trying
    to encourage the follow thru'’ R&D still required to evolve THE actual “ idea” ! > concept !
    Part OEMs may rely on 3rd part Suppliers components for completion of Order ?
    > “in-limbo” in fact !

    but . . . it ALL Can be “counter-productive” ! . . . frustrating for ALL !
  • HERE ! I will merely offer just a few  such “gems of ideas”
     . . . just awaiting the demise of the “novelty factor” and general acceptance OF SOMETHING A BIT DIFFERENT . . . perhaps ?

    SCIENCE & New Unique ideas is renowned to take at least several decades to fruition
    and the frustration of 3 to 5 generations of “pioneers” > real entrerpreneurs !
    . . . & before the market wakes up > inertia of the “masses !
  • History proves Inventors themselves invariably get little  return for THEIR Efforts EVER !  often they are merely “more altruistic” in their endeavors > ambitions ?
    NOR even get ANY recognition in their Lifetime even The “Money-Grubbers” DO !
    Elon” > amazing ! and one of the few exceptions !
  • Chromtech have no qualms of at least helping publicist these efforts showing that these themselves can be personally or thru’’ Corporate secrecy in divulging even a modicum of feedback to enhance further development of ideas.
    Often R&D papers are simply archived for the sake of political expediency never to surface . . . to be enlightened into ANY hope of commercialization of such
  • (Ironically)The Australian Govts stated policy short-sighted as it is !
     . . .  of NOT even encouraging or fund ANY R&D beyond the prototype stage is in itself a long term symptom of hypocrisy or simply naivety of short-term political thinking to the “whims” of THE various vested interests largely “opportunistic” & diversionary in nature”
  • Their stated intention is to leave such development in the hands of industry investors.
  • WE all know “Aussies” being traditional gamblers are much more likely
    “to punt on the horses” or the delusional “Stock-market” with its obvious pitfalls and distractions
    ( > the “pokies” “scam > invest ment of minus -20% per 10seconds compared to what’s been 0% pear from Banks ) U Mugs > think about THAT!
    thru traditional sources such as banks, financial "advisors"” >  a joke! >”misuse” and their (Costellos’) plans to divest Super into some sort of “Future Fund”) but unspecified open to “whatever "scams" one can perceive !
    . . . even prevent use for housing “kick start” !

     of “forced” pension funds !
  • Much of Australian High Tech R&D over decades>centuriesl  generally has been hugely diluted by such neglected finance ( Australia is unique in this respect ! )
  • Sometimes in the vain hope of attracting collaboration with end-users to do the “debugging” > troubleshoot “a la” Bill Gates & S’ware generally
  • ALL depends on the motivation !
  • just for a quick buck   others > “budding ideas”
  • or a genuine interest in helping solve real problems > issues . . . surely a fundamental aim of “Science”
    ( and technology) but most of lost in the greed of Govts and Corporate AND even individuals merely seeking perhaps personal PhD “glory”
  • Understood > even accepted !
  • Exacerbated by
    Communication problems > internationally thru’ language  > culture differences etc
  • “head-in-the sand” attitudes of of semi-educated policy makers whether Uni Heads, politicians < the Fat Cats” of “stifling” Patents > Copyrights are best left to the “bean-counters" and the legal “fraternity” ?to sort out ! . . . & NOT without its’ own vested  interests of course t
    for the Better !  . . . should be what really matters !
  • I will offer HERE just a few “gems” of potential ideas
    OR some real prospects awaiting a bit more “insight” perhaps and the additional associated technology
    still required
  • OFTEN “enlightenment” to possibilities takes time & the necessary backup technology.’
    Certainly over the last 150years or so And all  despite the inertness and prejudices inherent in "the ESTABLISHMENT" ESTABLISHMENT” to the coof follow-up imagination there has been tremendous technological advances made with a bit of imagination from “horse & buggy” to the “Space Age and Computers thru to now emerging AI.

    Where ARE WE HEADING ? > “room for (some) thought”
    It’s All happening . . . All in such a short time in history. . .

    No wonder perhaps the “GREENIES”” simply want to “pull the plug” and reinstate indigenous cultures and reform us ALL back to the “Dark Ages”
    ’ . . . presumably as long as it does NOT effect them ! . . . living in their “Utopia”

  • AND the arguable naivety  and relative ignorance of past generations historically
    proven to be largely ineffectual often counter-productive whether it be at their mere inconsequential “peasant level or left in the hands of the various “Empire” moguls, Dictators, “tyrants”, “stooge’ Monarchies” or even by Religious “superstition”, and associated “power persecution” > exploitation over the masses
    often motivated simply through devious exploitation whether it be slavery often without any real “racial prejudice” whatsoever ! ( this does work both ways ! )
    > NOT Racial at all but more-so just  “cultural” exploitation . . . in All it’s guises !
    OR more subtly through the control by invasion or deliberate restriction of “resources”; and lies > knowledge, > water, land rights, “minerals”, and currently Energy and deliberate” diversionary strategies like “enhanced” > distorted Change
    Even to the artificial creation of WW or territorial wars and still arguably contrived or simply “condoned”
    spread of “‘pandemics”;
  • Covid19 “pandemic”> conspired unofficial “sponsored” joint USA Chinese(Australian?) Wuhan ‘flu”’R&D “projects” which obviously “backfired” “ by accident”(?) on the “powers that be”! and almost got out of control NOT by disease itself but thru’’ the huge effect“the scare campaign” had on World economics . . . and All thru’ that and Climate Change and the supposed 100m sea-rise postulated by Al Gore, Tim Flannery  & “Associates” & most without exception ! . . . ALL BS !
    . . .  the “penguins and polar bears” in the “Arctic(s)” and the very few “Inuits”” left really being unaffected !
  • Certainly at the ?Speed of Light” thru the Internet > the eventual enlightenment of us ALL
    > the masses > but ONLY If left uncensored and NOT run by “the Chinese”
     and  their TikTok ( GOOGLE itself IS Bad Enough !)
  • various strategies that worked in the past are simply being emulated and extended / distorted even to  but more-so on a “Global Scale” by the few with both > at the Web-Speed of light”
  • ***

Some of My ideas  / interests ?. . . you’ll get the “gist” also from my ”BLOGS”
duplication hhhmmm! but at least > Smiley-s NOT Too much ! smiley-grump

Ad Hoc Question> At Random ? . . . stick-x

  • “old” Nuclear Fission . . . > Modular Reactors
    > LFTR ? probably TOO GooD !
    ( >60 year Old ) > sidelined ! by the vested interests at the time ! priorities > A-Bomb Warfare ! > COLD-War !
     NEVER ( ? )proclaim for Australia ! ? . . .  > NUCLEAR demonstrated on both cars and AirCraft and Submarines of Course perfected over for the PAST 60 YEARS

    NUCLEAR HAS Proven relatively SAFE OVER 75 years NOW
    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS OBVIOUSLY of course > Little consequence particularly with LFTR “Breeder” Reactors.
    BOMBS NO ! the WORLD IS ALREADY SATURATED with them IN FACT !  despite Chernobyl and Japans FUKUSHIMA both > human error > “minuscule” casualties AND was completely avoidable with ANY Common Sense use
  • FUSION > predicted within a few decades
    the limitation still is “The POWER GRID” required as with ALL renewables
    just maybe an opening for LIQ-H2 Transport ( by “RAIL” Not Trucks > hazard
    but for the Union Dogma”
  • (LIQ)H2 as Fuel Unlikely to EVER Be viable
    Even Elon wont use > as too inefficient although > proven safe enough !
  • COST ? requires HighTemp catalyst and electrolysis heat from Nuclear THEN maybe Cost Effective eventually re cars and Energy
    H2 embtrittlement STILL an issue needs more R&D > “incentive”
    Volumetric both WATER and H2 Storage volume>weight !

    Traditional Renewables Solar / Wind will NEVER be economic re PEAK POWER & ALL ROUND ! < 25% probably justified even with much better Off-Peak Battery storage > still very improbable > “wishful thinking of GREEN H2 of Forrest/Fortescue without equal exhorbitant Subsidization
    There are others eg NH3 is probably more viable and has other uses > fertilizer > Urea etc, low flammability etc
  • Re Pipelines NO ! Currently there is NOT enough Iron ORE Steel Production in the World Energy for Pipeline massive Steel projects allocated for the next 75 years > forward Orders etc . . . LET ALONE FOR WATER Pipelines !
  • Australia could NOT water Australia because of this EVEN if IT had the “brains”
    > willingness to do IT !
  • Ironically BHP has also virtually “bailed-Out of steel production in Australia
  • “Ping”  ? > He and his “cohorts” are a lot smarter “collectively” than the rest
    of THEM ! They for example have bought 2/3 of the WA Gas Field for for example from Shell(Woodside !) for a relative pittance on ? ~75 year terms  and ~ 1/2 of
    Our Energy Utilities by “stealth”
    Iron Ore is being stock-piled and local resources on-hold > just in case !
    WW deliberately “dumbing-down our “kids” . . . a la Greta
  • We are even educating them to eventually . . . Take-Over ! ?
    AND The Scientific “Brain Drain” to CHINA.
    WE even have been training train their Air Force pilots apparently ?
    at best negligent > complicit ! like . . . > Sam Dastyari who was  simply voted OUT of Parliament eventually  . . in “oldern” days elsewhere these people should be charged with “treason”

    The “judiciary” have gone far too Soft
    > “Human Rights” for the GUILTY to Hell with ANYONE that has a real “VOICE” as to what’s REALLY going ON !
  • HPCCC > CounterCurrent Chromatography just 25 years old ( but still requires a bit of “nouse” in Chemistry to operate > optimized !
    ‘t use it as too inefficient
  • Gas FTIR replacement for many VOC HC APPs > instrumentation
    20years old waiting for tied-up patents to expire
    GCs will be “decimated”s
  • he Problem like replacing Cars with EV > the huge re-tooling cost write off for mass production IF IT IS EVER a “consensus answer to the extorted
    “Energy Crisis””
  • It will cause havoc to Agilent Thermo GC Industry re-tooling > write-off > decades . . . simply NO Incentive for them ! > another ”Monopoly” Industry for them
  • Good Luck to “ Start-UPs like Finlands’ Gas-Met > incredible development over just the ast decade
    decade or so but they have short-sighted limited Distributor capabilities IT seems !
    & market inertia and “narrow imagination”

  • NanoFluidics ( still controversial”
    miniature Pumps
    perhaps ?
    -   “Ring” Peristatlic Pumps for example !
    Pulse less Flow required !
    - the whole technology is still “stifled” by lack of and the cost of suitable “sensors”
  • “engineers” ARE NOT Chemists . . . yet !
    limited by much EDUC being NOT Inter-disipilarian until > GOVTs “wake-up!”
  • Protein Encapsulated  Drugs for more efficient body transmission ( brain cell transfer etc ) > cancer research

(my) Disclaimer  : Comments (here) and on our website(s) remain the views of the author personally ! interpret as you wish ?
 NO offense really Intended  !. . . . AND With ALL Due Respect !
WithOut Prejudice !
but still Open 4 discussion > & Room for (YOUR) thought !

Chromtech Business Disclaimer > here !

Formal “legal? Disclaimer: The information on our website(s)
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 consequences > repurcussions . . . whatsoever ! !

“of-the-cuff” above . . . needs some editing by a Rhodes Scholar maybe ? 
> even a bit dis-jointed perhaps ?

go for IT try & be constructive ! . . . If U can ? ( use my “Feedback” )

Above ALL a bit negative I realist

TRY and THINK Of  ANYTHING At All l that might be more Costive
 . . . in reality ! . . . in the Real World !

I DO have trouble finding even ONE ! . . . without “strings” attached !
! Or with TOO much “obfuscation !

TRUE ! GOOD NEWS” Does NOT actually Sell ! ( & proven generally ! )

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