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Chromalytic-About Us

The Chromatography Shoppe
aka a Technical Resource Site . . . OVERVIEW
The Most Extensive “Lab-based” Website on the Net.

ENTER this Site 2016

NEW 2015+ HTML5 Site

  • for Lab Technicians
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Chromatographers
  • Instrumentation Engineers
 we offer a back-up resource for Purchasing Staff . . . in associated Companies . . Research Labs, Quality Control, Product Development
Universities, CSIRO, Government Labs, Environmental Labs,
Petroleum Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Foods & Flavors, Forensic Science, Hospitals & Biomedical, Pathology, Veterinary Science, Chemical Engineering.
So what’s chromatography ???

our Business Scope  . . .

But NOT  . . .

What ?

Advantages !

But WE are NOT  . . .

Analytical Chemistry,
Chromatography instrumentation and consumables,
Fluid Transfer Products
General Laboratory Equipment; instrumentation products; some pharmaceutical type accessories

but NOT for medically/Hospital orientated ( human in-situ use )
and NOT HazMat materials; solvents, chemicals etc
and NOT Analytical Lab type testing analysis
and NOT so much more trivial items “test tubes & bottle brushes”

. . . we Do leave some scope for other  laboratory Supply Companies !

. . . products sourced from some of the Worlds foremost
OEMs and Distributors in chromatgraphy
if we haven’t got it . . . we’ll  try and get you alternatives !

 -  extensive experience and practical knowledge as back-up
innovative ideas without the bureaucracy of large Companies

- We ARE accountable . . . it’s our “bread & butter

- We are directly approachable
AND We even answer the “bl--d-” phone . . . personally !

NO!  . . .  We are . . . NOT traditional Sales People
DON’T “Door Knock”
make “scam” calls, use“stooge” tele-marketing methods or chain e-mails
NOR Waste YOUR valuable time

but . . . IF YOU WANT US ?
We are HERE !

have “targeted” information

EVEN our direct competitors “USE” Us !

YES the “Web” has has evolved !
. . . & never-ending ?

sine this website(s) started in ~ 1992

Our Web formats - there’s been NO Perfect Answer re File Size
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PDF initial versons were ”pretty” hopeless
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Viewer still available but it’s been too good and has been for all intents and purposes” privatised and buried” Now Gone !

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WE like to think we are keeping

2019 : As a business we’ve been going for > ~35years;
our WebSite(s) has evolved since the early 1990

Technology also evolves so quickly !. . .  but there is still a Huge generation gap / learning curve for us scientists rotene requiring both of us
to innovate and try & keep pace . . . particularly in both PC h’ware & s’ware .
 . . forcing the likes  of us to compromise in web-design and  the “tools” we use

. . . we like to think we are reasonably “up-to-date” ! but more-so are eager to collaborate on any worthwhile developments / ideas! 
at least within our mutual “scope”

exacerbated by the marketing strategy of “built-in-obsolescence” and redundancy
short of course of resorting to the “flim flam” “Twitter” mentality

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