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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
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CT are “authorised” Distributors for >. . .

“Chromalytic Technology” . . Ferrules ( Made in Australia ) Chromalytic Ferrules Made in Australia
Restek Corp - USA Restek - Chromatography ProductsChromatography Columns GC & HPLC and Accessories; Air Monitoring Products; Siltek Sulfinert Parts, Tubing Fittings; Gas Purifiers
MEGAColumns - Italy MEGAColumns Fused Silica Capillary Columns - Chromatography Products Fused Silica Capillary Columns
VICI Inc - USA VICIValco-Cheminert Instrumentation Valves/FittingsInstrumentation Valves, Chromatography Fittings, GC Detectors (microTCD, PID); Permeation Tubes
VICI AG(Jour) - Switzerland VIVIAG(Jour) Fluid Transfer ProductsChromatography Fittings ( complementary to VICI-USA
VICI- Precision Sampling : Syringes ( Microliter,, GasTight )
Value Plastics - USA  miniPlastic Fittings-ValuePlastics Value Plastics/ miniPlastic Fittings
Biotech - Sweden Biotech(Sweden) LC HPLC Fittings, Preistaltic Pumps, Degassers, Rheodyne Valves : Fluidics - Eastern Plastics,Ismatec, Isolation Technologies, Rheodyne, Sapphire Eng, Systec, Upchurch Scientific
- USA SRI Gas Chromatographs
DET Thermionic Detector /DET : TID Detectors / BeadsUnique Selective TID-type detectors - for GC add-on
Nutech Air Sampling Products - USA Nuutech Air Monitoring/Sampling(
BioChem Fluids - USA . . . previously Omnifit Ltd(UK), BioChem Valves Inc -USA). .  .but now discontinued
Membrane Solutions Inc - USA Membarne Solutions/Filtration - Fltration Products
Kebby Crimpers Kebby Crimpers/Decappersall sizes; Hand BenchPress; Air - Hand Crimper / Decappers ( fixed Head); BenchPress Type; Pneumatic, Hand AIR Type All popular head types (interchangeable) ( aircompressor required )
Essential Life Essential LIfe : LC Columns-MT- LC Prep Columns
MRC Labs ( General Lab Equipment . . . huge range ) MRC Labs- General Lab Equipment
MedLabs ( Medico Fittings/consumables) Medlabd : Medico Fittings/Consumables
AELabs ( Lab Equipment) FLIP : AELabs Lab Equipment; Spectrometers FLIP : AELabs Spectrometer
BioBase (Lab Equipment, now inc. fume cabinets, glove boxes) Biobase General Lab Equipment
LDetek : Plasma Emission Detector, High Purity Gas Analysis Instruments; Unique GCs for mid-range VOC & High Purity / Gas Analysis generally based on PED with TCD/FID . . . ALL simultaneous options MRC Labs- General Lab Equipment

plus many Others
SGE Scientific
(Dynamic Adsorbents - USA)

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Agents/ sub-Distributors
in Australia . . .

Inquires are Welcome - discounts apply . . .  but ONLY IF U are “fair dinkum”

No Rights implied as to U being Direct distributors of “Chromalytics' Suppliers”
On-Sales are generally restricted to within Australia and NZ in some instances)

New Import Companies

Chromalytic Technology is a technically orientated business

WE will consider at our discretion being agents for similar Product Lines or of our choosing but do NOT intend to cross-sell identical products to those we already list
Pricing and Quality of cross-products are NOT necessarily interdependant !

we will not consider Companies or Product Items without comprehensive details nor negotiate with vague or abiguous operators . . . please desist! . . . customers please Note we are selective here too!
“Scammers” will NOT be tolerated . . . NOR “Twitters or Tweats” !

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